Fall Trend: All That Glitters

Fashion Week left us all shocked, as the abundance of glittering faces seemed to be the trend prediction for this fall. Major fashion houses such as Marc Jacobs were amongst the top trendsetters. When integrating glitter with your glam, it shouldn’t overwhelm your face in a way that scream…


Beauty Sleep: For the Real Sleeping Beauty

Beauty sleep is real thing, not just a myth our parents used to get us to go to bed! We need about 7 to 9 hours of sleep to reap all the benefits like new collagen production, blood flow, and cell recovery. Sleep actually makes a noticeable difference in how we look, because skin cells …


Fall Trend: Gothic Pouts

One of the oldest yet newly reinvented trends has been brought to life this season. During Fashion Week, Dior paid a tribute to the iconic goth look through jet-black, liplined lipstick. Although the Marilyn Manson look may be too much to handle, an elegant yet still captivating Rooney Mar…


Fall Beauty Forecast – From the Runway to Real Life

The best part about a fashion show is seeing a head to toe couture look come down the runway. The clothes, the hair, the makeup…it’s pure art! Depending on your taste, sometimes these looks can be too hectic for everyday, and sometimes they’re ready to wear! Fresh off the runways of New Yo…


​ Hot Hot Hot: How to Maintain Red Hair

First thing’s first, red hair is absolutely gorgeous but there’s only a handful of people who can truly pull off this color and properly maintain it. All of the pros and cons you’ve heard about having red hair are probably true. There’s so much “behind the scenes” madness that has to…


Fall Afresh

​ Feeling unbalanced, set off, anxious, restless, or grouchy? We all like to reset and detox our diets now and again, but maybe its time for a soul detox? You either had a fully booked social calendar or you may have been stuck in a place you didn’t want to be this summer. And now …


In Honor Of National Coffee Day!

We at Beauty Coach love us some coffee. What’s not to love? The fragrance is rich, it tastes delicious (when it’s made our way) and above all, it keeps us on our toes. Turns out, coffee is much more than just a drink. These little beans are packed with beauty benefits, none of which requir…


​ Accessorizing 101: How To Play Up Your Hair

​ If we all said we never got bored with our hair, we’d totally be lying! So what’s the solution to that boredom- hair accessories. Hair accessories have definitely made a name for themselves in the past few months. We’ve seen these pieces all over red carpets, social events, films or tv s…


Is that vegan nail polish you’re wearing?

If you’re like us, you may have seen the words “vegan nail polish” pop up when looking at different brands and thought “what makes that nail polish vegan?” Good question! You’d be forgiven for assuming that all nail polishes are vegan. In fact, a lot of nail polish companies test on animal…


Rich Shades For Fall

It’s officially Fall! Oh how we love this season and the joy it brings. Not to mention Pumpkin flavored everything (cue the heart eyes)! Fall is officially the beginning of all things cozy, warm and on the darker side of everything, including hair. When we think of the Fall and Winter mont…