The Weather Outside Is Frightful But, My Skin Is So Delightful!

Here at Beauty Coach, we absolutely love the winter. It’s a season full of layers, peppermint lattes, festivities and fun! However, the winter season can also be extremely harsh, especially on the skin, which really puts a damper on holiday plans. Often times, harsh winter conditions cause…

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Travel-Friendly Beauty Buys for the Holiday Season

While packing the perfect, holiday attire might seem of the utmost importance, it’s important to remember that the right beauty products can make or break your Yuletide style. And whether you’re dashing off to spend a long weekend at a Swiss-inspired chalet, or you’re packing your bags and…

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Mr. Sandman Bring Me a Dream

If there is one overall wellness, happiness, beauty and relaxation tip that is no secret but a tried and true fact and also a life necessity as much as food, air and water it’s sleep. Beautiful, magical, restful, replenishing sleep. Yet how often do we skimp on this rejuvenating ritual or …

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Nourish, Restore and Replenish!

We’ve all heard about face masks, but something that’s just as important (but so underrated!) is hair masks! Here at Beauty Coach, we understand that hair gets damaged pretty easily. Even if you don’t style your hair with heat- hair products have an array of chemicals that contribute to th…

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Our Top-Rated Beauty Centric Stocking Stuffers

Here at Beauty Coach, we know that the best things can come in the smallest of packages – and while stockings are a quintessential holiday tradition – they’re often stuffed with a kaleidoscope of meaningless trinkets. But these tiny offerings can be a prime opportunity to indulge in minima…

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Finding (and keeping) Your Inner Peace

In a world where news, email, and social media are made constantly available, life can feel very overwhelming. Not to mention the constant day to day activities that can be draining! It is so important to be able to find your inner peace in any situation. Whether your stress is coming from…

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The Beauty of Giving Back

It’s always an amazing feeling to be able to help others and support a cause that you care for. Nowadays, there’s so many different ways to be a part of a movement and give back. Here at Beauty Coach, we love showing our inner beauty by donating, especially if you can support a business wh…

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Practicing Gratitude This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving was the time to spend with family, eat far too much food, and to share the things in life we are thankful for. Here at Beauty Coach we want to share some ways to reflect on life and be grateful everyday! And what better time to start this practice than a holiday focused on …


Raise Your Hand And Raise Awareness

Beauty isn’t just about looking good; it should make a statement. And that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you about! Here at Beauty Coach, we know that a lot of the times, we use beauty to represent or raise awareness for something that we care about. Art is a way to express yourself an…