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Dressing To Look And Feel Fabulous This Spring

Spring fashion is at large and we are ready for it! Of course the traditional spring trends of pastels and florals are cult favorites, but we want to share a few items popular for Spring 2017. The graphic tee: We absolutely love this widely popular trend. Your tee can sport a sassy saying,…


Spring Is In The Air

Fragrances can be such a powerful form of memory, and that’s why we love finding the perfect perfume that suites each person. Some people like to change their fragrance with the seasons, while others prefer to wear a particular perfume for a ‘season’ of life. What ever you choose, we have …


5 Steps To Jumpstart That Summer Body

​ Spring is here and soon summer will be knocking on our doors asking if we’re ready to hit the beaches and tan our days away. Small problem: for most of us, we’ve spent the duration of the winter season recovering from those holiday cheat meals we’ve indulged in. Here at Beauty Coach, we’…


Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them, Darling

Do you struggle with wishes of changing your body or dreaming up a different lifestyle? We all have things we’d like to change, but dwelling on it isn’t doing us a bit of good. We need to learn to be confident in who we are. In a world of constant comparison, we think the most …


Treat Yo Self / Cures for Crabbiness

We all have those days where we get up on the wrong side of the bed and are just in a funk. Unfortunately, the world around us continues on, whether we are crabby or not. We came up with some ways to cure a bad day and to get you feeling like yourself again. In …


More Than Skeletons In The Closet

Somehow over time, our closets seems to double in size and loose all sense of organization. We say we will get rid of clothes, but end up with the same old excuses: “but it’s so cute,” “I promise I will wear it,” or “it doesn’t fit now, but I’m going to loose weight.” Don’t fall …


Kiss Those Chapped Lips Goodbye

If you’re anything like us, these winter months can be brutal on our lips. They can be dry, cracked, split, or chapped causing us pain and annoyance. Our lips tend to dry out because they don’t have a lot of oil in them unlike our skin. Plus when they feel dry, we tend to lick …


Feed Your Skin To Fabulous

The commonly heard phrase, “You are what you eat,” though a lot of the times is an expression, can be taken quite literally when it comes to your skin. Eating certain foods can not only make your skin look and feel better, but prevent it from looking dull! Here at Beauty Coach, we’ve put t…


Winter Date Ideas

Sometimes during the winter months it feels like your social life is lacking. It can be hard to drag yourself out to events or outings when the temperature is freezing outside. So instead of bailing on your friends for another night of binge watching Netflix, here’s a few ideas to keep you…

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How To De-Stress After The Holidays

For most people, the holidays tend to be a stressful time. With all the planning, shopping, decorating and family it’s time to distress!Here at Beauty Coach, we came up with a few ways to help you relax this time of year. The first, and probably most obvious, way to relax is by taking a ni…