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Turmeric…the spicy powerhouse with a heart of gold.

There are certain ingredients in the natural world that knock the socks off the competition when it comes to tons of goodness packed into a small package. Turmeric is a plant that has a very long history of medicinal use, dating back nearly 4,500 years. In Southeast Asia, it’s used not onl…


Girl Power

As you all know, we have been fighting for gender equality for years. At times it can feel like an uphill battle, and other times we can come together and celebrate the little victories. We all live in a harsh world, and it can be easy to feel like you have to be tough to …


Power Product: Castor Oil

Everyone loves finding a great beauty product that can do more than just one thing, i.e. the perfect hairspray that gives you volume and hold, or a moisturizer that also helps with anti-aging. What if we told you there was a product that can do 10+ things for you, and that it’s all natural…


Beauty in the Details

Life is a whirlwind. A short whirlwind…and sometimes we blaze through the magic of it so set on our next destination, caught up in the frenzy of living, that we miss the deliriously beautiful details of the journey…and let us assure you, the magic IS in the details… One of our on-goi…


Tips For Travel Junkies and Boss Ladies…

Travel is fantastic. It’s magical, eyeopening and inspiring. And as you boss ladies know, it can also be exhausting and leave you in need of a serious recharge. At Beauty Coach, our goal is to help you navigate business travel with some fancy footwork and much needed R&R. The secret j…


Father’s Day Must Haves

Soooo…have you gotten a gift for Dad yet? I mean, who’s harder to shop for than him? NO ONE. We know that some of you are fresh out of ideas because we’re guilty of the same! After all, what do you get the man that claims to have everything he needs? We know how dads …


Go With the Flow…

In life we get tested and tried, things don’t always go according to plan, there are good and bad surprises around every corner. You can be thrilled, excited, disappointed, crushed, frightened, hurt and redeemed all in one journey…and that’s what life is isn’t it? Every day is …


Not Every Toothbrush Is Created Equal

Our whole lives we’ve been accustomed to a routine: brushing teeth morning and night. Often times, it’s become such a mundane thing that we forget that there’s actually a right and wrong when it comes to toothbrushes that can improve the effectiveness of your daily oral routine! Here at Be…


5 Things You May Not Know About SPF

Sunscreen, sunblock, physical SPF, chemical SPF, UVA, UVB, broad spectrum; it can all be pretty confusing! While there are thousands of sunscreens on the market, how are you supposed to find the right one for you? Learning a little more about sun protectants will hopefully make your decisi…


Mother Nature’s Cure

There are some truly awesome remedies found in nature, and one of our all time favorites is aloe vera! Although it’s a cute plant to put in your window sill, aloe vera can do SO much more! From skincare, to hair treatments, to internal benefits, it’s no wonder it has been called the plant …