Be Well


Rub-A-Dub-Dub With All the Right Things

As we become more and more conscious of what we put ON our bodies as much as IN them, it’s a smart idea to take a long, hard look at the products lurking on our bathroom counters. Scrutinize those labels, research ingredients and if you don’t like what you find break up with them and …


Kick the Cold Before It Starts

When the weather starts to cool down our immune systems can take a hit. No one wants to be stuck inside with a cold when everyone else is going to the pumpkin patch or having a bon fire. Here at Beauty Coach we have a few DIY cold remedies that are sure to get you …


Nature’s Negative Ions = Positive Vibes

The ocean: We live in an unprecedented time where our senses are bombarded daily and overstimulated with the bing, buzz, like, comment, update, tweet of modern urban existence. Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we need an escape, a break, a respite from it all until we find ourselve…


Perfectly Pampered Pouts

Dry air on planes, cold weather climates, sun and dehydration all wreak havoc on our lips. “I want my pout to be more cracked and dry,” said no one ever…especially no-one at Beauty Coach. Soft, sultry kissable lips are what they write songs and poetry about! Think back to the days of Brigi…

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Happy Mind, Happy Life.

Positive affirmations are the vitamin IV drip equivalent of fast passing good things to your mind. The idea is to think good thoughts, use positive words and more lovely life experiences will come your way. The truth is, it’s pretty much a solid win-win. So even if you’re skeptical about t…


Smile Like You Mean It…Naturally.

The world is definitely waking up to the logical consequences of buying into the mega marketing of brands that just, quite frankly, aren’t that good for us. The truth is that even if some of these products, like toothpaste and mouthwash, aren’t going to kill us all by themselve…


Collagen…the buzz word worthy of buzz

We’ve all read enough beauty blurbs to know that collagen is something we want. It’s the good stuff that gives our skin elasticity, smoothness, moisture retention, keeps our cheeks full, our hair and nails glorious and our joints moving like a well oiled machine…or Michael Jackson in his p…


Knock Those Seasonal Allergies!

While the summer days are coming to an end, the last thing we want is to spend time inside when we could be out exploring nature. But house arrest is often inevitable when you’re suffering from allergies that usually accompany this time of year. That’s why here at Beauty Coach,…


Turmeric…the spicy powerhouse with a heart of gold.

There are certain ingredients in the natural world that knock the socks off the competition when it comes to tons of goodness packed into a small package. Turmeric is a plant that has a very long history of medicinal use, dating back nearly 4,500 years. In Southeast Asia, it’s used not onl…


Girl Power

As you all know, we have been fighting for gender equality for years. At times it can feel like an uphill battle, and other times we can come together and celebrate the little victories. We all live in a harsh world, and it can be easy to feel like you have to be tough to …