Nailed It

Pushing cuticle of fingernail

Learn To Love Your Cuticles!

Did you know that cuticles are actually good for you? We know that you’re probably cutting off your cuticles because a lot of people think that it’s more cosmetically appealing. However, cutting them too often can actually lead to infections and damage down the road. Your nail’s cuticle is…


Smith and Cult: Your New Favorite Nail Lacquer

This edgy new nail polish company is every polish junkie’s kryptonite! We have fallen head over heels for this polish line with the most creative names and a color selection you could only dream of. You may be thinking, “can a nail polish really be that great?” to which we would enthusiast…


Naked Nails

Summer is definitely the perfect time of year to go natural, and we don’t just mean with your makeup. Your nails can do it too! We know that It can be such a hassle to find an outfit to match our expensive manicures… so why not ditch the color all together? What a better way …


Vintage Inspired Nail Trends

As we all know, trends never go out of style, they just tend to get recycled and made better. A trend that’s really been picking up lately, especially in 2017, is vintage inspired everything! Influencers such as Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and more have all taken us back a few decades wi…


7 Nail Colors That Scream Summer

Summer has consumed us and it’s time to celebrate with bright new nails! Pastels are a thing of the past, and we are looking for the bright, bold, and beautiful! We’re talking tangerine orange, deep sea blue, watermelon red, and oh so sunny yellow! Check out our top 7 colors for 2017. OPI …


Say Goodbye To Chips And Cracks

For most of us, the summer season is the time of year when we really begin to notice our hands. With the temperatures heating up and the abundance of outdoor activities, our hands can really take a beating. Worst of all, this can really put a damper on our mood when our nail polish chips! …


Beauty On Demand

“Life often gets so busy, but looking good should never get in your way.” Here at Beauty Coach, we understand that sometimes life becomes so hectic, you rarely have time for yourself. But who doesn’t love going to the salon and treating themselves to a full on beauty glam? The problem is t…


Sparkles and Pastels for Summer

Now that the sun is out and officially here to stay, it’s time to start thinking about what colors compliment the new season. Fall and winter was all about nudes and darks. And in the past, neon and bright nail polish colors have dominated the spring and summer seasons; but this year, we’r…


Beauty Hacks On A Budget

One of the biggest struggles of staying on top of beauty trends, is that trends tend to adjust and change at a moments notice. That’s why, here at Beauty Coach, we know how difficult it is to have to constantly buy new products in order to follow the hottest new looks. Pretty soon, you’re …


Bold Nails For Festival Season

With festival season fast approaching, we know how much time and effort goes into making your music weekend the BEST weekend. So here at Beauty Coach we thought we’d help out a bit by taking it back to the basics- breaking down a nail routine, that way, you have one less thing to worry abo…