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To Mask or Not To Mask

I’m sure we all have multiple face masks tucked away in cabinets and under our bathroom sink. Do you even need to use a face mask in your skin regimen? How often do you need to use it? What type of mask should you be looking for? There can be a lot of unclear guidelines …


Turmeric…the spicy powerhouse with a heart of gold.

There are certain ingredients in the natural world that knock the socks off the competition when it comes to tons of goodness packed into a small package. Turmeric is a plant that has a very long history of medicinal use, dating back nearly 4,500 years. In Southeast Asia, it’s used not onl…


Power Product: Castor Oil

Everyone loves finding a great beauty product that can do more than just one thing, i.e. the perfect hairspray that gives you volume and hold, or a moisturizer that also helps with anti-aging. What if we told you there was a product that can do 10+ things for you, and that it’s all natural…


Summer Savvy Skin

It’s officially summertime! The days are gloriously long, the weather is delightfully warm and it’s time to let all that winter worn skin have its moment to bask in the sun…responsibly of course. At Beauty Coach we want to encourage you to adventure like a girl this summer. Go play in the …


Blemishes…The Struggle Is Real

Dealing with blemishes isn’t as easy as putting on makeup and wishing that the tiny visitor that has taken up resident on your face will go away on its own. Pimples are a part of being human, and everyone tends to get them. This is especially the case when the hot weather comes around and …


Beach Bag Must Haves

Summer is here and that means it’s time to hit the beach! Whether you’re headed to the nearby lake or traveling to the coast, we put together some beach bag must-haves for you. You don’t want to overpack when going to the beach, so we hope this list helps you pack the essentials and still …


Father’s Day Must Haves

Soooo…have you gotten a gift for Dad yet? I mean, who’s harder to shop for than him? NO ONE. We know that some of you are fresh out of ideas because we’re guilty of the same! After all, what do you get the man that claims to have everything he needs? We know how dads …


The Cleansing Oil Method

Unless you’re a beauty fanatic, when it comes to skincare, most of us have no clue how to start. Do we wash our face in hot or cold water? Which type of face wash do we use, does it make a difference if it contains ingredient a, b, or c? Now- the one ingredient we’ve …


5 Things You May Not Know About SPF

Sunscreen, sunblock, physical SPF, chemical SPF, UVA, UVB, broad spectrum; it can all be pretty confusing! While there are thousands of sunscreens on the market, how are you supposed to find the right one for you? Learning a little more about sun protectants will hopefully make your decisi…


Battle of the Bronzers

Self tanning can be a pain in the you know what! The last thing you want is streaky legs and orange hands! You also don’t want to damage your skin by baking in the sun. Well, we’ve put self bronzers to the test and have chosen our favorite four. Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturiz…