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Beat The Heat!!!

Sometimes you just can’t avoid heat, especially when it comes to your hair. In this day and age, it’s completely normal to style our hair every day and apply a hot iron to it, or even blow dry after our showers. Not only that, but even going out in hot weather and exposure to the …

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Sarah’s Hyland’s Favorite Flavor… #CinnamonChocolate

It’s finally August and that means that the fall season isn’t too far away. With the approach of fall, of course, means that we’re all ready to jump right back into work! So that being said, now is the perfect time to transition from those bright and bold summer colors, to dark, neutral, a…


Power Product: Castor Oil

Everyone loves finding a great beauty product that can do more than just one thing, i.e. the perfect hairspray that gives you volume and hold, or a moisturizer that also helps with anti-aging. What if we told you there was a product that can do 10+ things for you, and that it’s all natural…


Beat The Summer Heat With These Hot

These hot summer days can have you living in a ponytail or begging for a haircut! None of us like that sticky feeling and sometimes our beloved tresses can only make it worse. But before you make any drastic haircut changes, check out these styles to keep cool but look hot! On those real s…


Don’t Flake Out!

One of the worst things to happen when you’re out with some friends is when one of them asks you, “What’s that in your hair?” Then they proceed to pick and pull at your roots and scalp in order to examine the object in question. Afterwards they announce to everyone that you happen to have …


Beach Bag Must Haves

Summer is here and that means it’s time to hit the beach! Whether you’re headed to the nearby lake or traveling to the coast, we put together some beach bag must-haves for you. You don’t want to overpack when going to the beach, so we hope this list helps you pack the essentials and still …


Time Saving Texture

Time waits for no one. Now, this is especially true if you happen to find yourself succumbing to the tasks of everyday life, and you just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. So here at Beauty Coach, we understand if you don’t have time to do your hair…


Simple, Chic Summer Hair Accessories

If you’re not already feeling the heat, you definitely will be in a few weeks! Now, as much as we love our locks blowing in the breeze, reality is: your hair is probably only going to look good for five minutes before you turn into a dripping mess. And we’re sure you hate having your …


Beauty On Demand

“Life often gets so busy, but looking good should never get in your way.” Here at Beauty Coach, we understand that sometimes life becomes so hectic, you rarely have time for yourself. But who doesn’t love going to the salon and treating themselves to a full on beauty glam? The problem is t…


Hair Products You Can’t Afford NOT To Try!

When it comes to hair, there are so many products out there that we know it can get a little confusing! From styling products to cleansing products, and powders to sprays- it can all get real overwhelming, REAL fast! So here at Beauty Coach, we’ve broken down the essentials for you.  Clea…