Basics That Are Not So…Well, Basic!


We’ve all heard know the phrase, “Going back to basics.” And for those who are barely encountering this expression for the first time, it just means simplifying something big and restarting fresh. Here at Beauty Coach, we believe going back to basics is an essential part of every year as it comes to an end. Of course, when the new year comes we’ll have festive and fun designs and ideas at our fingertips, but for now relaxing and making it simple doesn’t sound too bad. And speaking of fingertips, what better way to kick off “Back to basics,” by starting with our nails!


White Like Snow
Of course, we can’t go wrong with the classic white nail polish. Not only is it elegant, but also sexy! Using a white polish is as basic as it gets (in a good way), and we recommend using OPI’s XOXO Infinite Shine Long Wear Lacquer in the shade Snow Glad I Met You. Snow Glad I Met You is a soft white color, that’s not too harsh and will definitely stand out against real snow! Try topping it off with OPI’s Matte Top Coat for added basicness!


Brown Like Coffee
Another perfect color that goes with a matte top coat, is brown. Here at Beauty Coach, we love the warmth it reminds us of, and we especially love Essie’s Resort Fling Nail Polish in the color Cocoa Karma. Not only does it remind us of coffee, but the color’s a close match with some hot chocolate as well! With nails like these, you’ll never be cold again!


Red Like Berries
With the end of the year festives, who doesn’t love red? Imagine using Essie’s Red Nail Polish, also known as ‘Hiking Heels,’ now that’s a conversation starter! Not only is this color festive, but also modern as well. Here at Beauty Coach, we are strong advocates of being able to reuse the things we buy. So of course, nail polish is no exception! We love the color, and would definitely consider wearing it all year long.


Grey Like Clouds
Aren’t rainy days the best days? Especially in December, as the year starts to wind down and come to a close, having indoor weather is nice. It feels super lazy, and it’s the time of year where you sit on your couch, changing channels with the remote; or, reading a book while sipping some tea. It’s the perfect time to go back to basics. And what better way to do these activities then with a beautiful set of nails. Using Julep’s Color Treat Nail Polish in the color Brigitte (a beautiful, soft grey) you can mimic the color of the sky and the clouds, and quite honestly: who doesn’t want that?

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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