Perfectly Pampered Pouts

Dry air on planes, cold weather climates, sun and dehydration all wreak havoc on our lips. “I want my pout to be more cracked and dry,” said no one ever…especially no-one at Beauty Coach. Soft, sultry kissable lips are what they write songs and poetry about! Think back to the days of Brigi…


How To Maintain Radiant Skin

We are now entering the cooler seasons when the weather can wear on our skin. The air gets drier, the wind picks up, and we don’t get as much sunshine. Here at Beauty Coach we have some tips and tricks to add to your daily routine though Fall and Winter this year. First off, the …


Mandatory Monthly Must: Urban Decay Brings the Glitterati!

We’re not going to lie; sometimes we need a little sparkle in our lives. And by sparkle, we mean glitter! Truth be told, glitter can be a little intimidating. Trust us, we get it! Here at Beauty Coach, it’s not exactly our go to when it comes to glam…until we discovered our new favorite pr…

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Happy Mind, Happy Life.

Positive affirmations are the vitamin IV drip equivalent of fast passing good things to your mind. The idea is to think good thoughts, use positive words and more lovely life experiences will come your way. The truth is, it’s pretty much a solid win-win. So even if you’re skeptical about t…

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Luscious Locks

Whether you chopped your locks off this summer for a ‘fresh new-do’, or never got to experience silky lengths because your hair is just isn’t thriving. Here at Beauty Coach, we know how hard it is to get hair to grow. And that’s exactly why we came up with a few tips to help you …


Smith and Cult: Your New Favorite Nail Lacquer

This edgy new nail polish company is every polish junkie’s kryptonite! We have fallen head over heels for this polish line with the most creative names and a color selection you could only dream of. You may be thinking, “can a nail polish really be that great?” to which we would enthusiast…


Smile Like You Mean It…Naturally.

The world is definitely waking up to the logical consequences of buying into the mega marketing of brands that just, quite frankly, aren’t that good for us. The truth is that even if some of these products, like toothpaste and mouthwash, aren’t going to kill us all by themselve…


Stress Free with Skyn Iceland

Let’s face it, there are a lot of different factors that can make our skin look…well…less than stellar. Sun damage, dehydration, aging…ugh just to name a few! One of the most devastating things that can quickly age our skin is none other than stress. We may not realize it, but stress…


Transitioning Into Fall

It’s official, the fall season is less that one month away. With that being said, here at Beauty Coach, we are beyond excited! One of our favorite parts about fall, is the transition period to get into it. So our mission is to help you make this transition from summer to fall as smooth and…


Collagen…the buzz word worthy of buzz

We’ve all read enough beauty blurbs to know that collagen is something we want. It’s the good stuff that gives our skin elasticity, smoothness, moisture retention, keeps our cheeks full, our hair and nails glorious and our joints moving like a well oiled machine…or Michael Jackson in his p…