Beach Hair, Don’t Care

NOW is the time to perfect your beachy hair style! There are so many different approaches to achieving that perfect lived-in curl look. If your hair already has some wave, you’ll just need the right products, but if your hair is straight we’ll let you know the best styling tools to use. Ou…


5 Steps To Jumpstart That Summer Body

​ Spring is here and soon summer will be knocking on our doors asking if we’re ready to hit the beaches and tan our days away. Small problem: for most of us, we’ve spent the duration of the winter season recovering from those holiday cheat meals we’ve indulged in. Here at Beauty Coach, we’…

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Splurge Worthy Skincare

Everyone loves a deal. But when you find a product that really works for you, we think it’s worth the extra cash! And we think if you’re going to splurge on a product, the best category to invest is skincare. Your skin is so important and taking good care of it will help you look …


Mood Foods For The Right Mindset

As we all know, Beauty Coach was founded by co-owners of Nine Zero One Salon: Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee. Their goal in creating Beauty Coach, was to make sure that beauty is celebrated, and that doesn’t mean just physical beauty, but inner beauty as well! And although the beauty industry …


For your EYES only! Liner Don’ts and Do’s!

When it comes to our eyeliner, we’ve tried every hack in the book. And on the Internet. And from anywhere else that you can pick up a tip or trick! Finding the best way to create the perfect look is always a trial. And, what if it turns into a catastrophe? Never fear. We’re here …


Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them, Darling

Do you struggle with wishes of changing your body or dreaming up a different lifestyle? We all have things we’d like to change, but dwelling on it isn’t doing us a bit of good. We need to learn to be confident in who we are. In a world of constant comparison, we think the most …


Taking Demi From Honey To Liquid Chocolate

2017 has been the year to warm up the tones in your hair! When looking for a new hue to take your do this Spring, look no further than one of Beauty Coach’s consistent inspirations: Demi Lovato! Demi has had two dramatic color changes so far in 2017, all thanks to Alchemist Amber (Nine Zer…


Treat Yo Self / Cures for Crabbiness

We all have those days where we get up on the wrong side of the bed and are just in a funk. Unfortunately, the world around us continues on, whether we are crabby or not. We came up with some ways to cure a bad day and to get you feeling like yourself again. In …


Bold Nails For Festival Season

With festival season fast approaching, we know how much time and effort goes into making your music weekend the BEST weekend. So here at Beauty Coach we thought we’d help out a bit by taking it back to the basics- breaking down a nail routine, that way, you have one less thing to worry abo…


The Art Of Going Blonde

With the spring season right around the corner, big changes are starting to emerge when it comes to hair. More recently, Beauty Coach’s own Riawna Capri took on the challenge of transforming #901girl, Hilary Duff’s, hair into a new shade of blonde. “I love to make people feel beautiful,” s…