Mandatory Monthly Must: Restored Skin with Gavée Gold


Highly effective skincare is always something that we’re on a mad search for. More and more, we’ve become quite concerned with what our products are made up of. Safe and non-toxic components are at the top of our list, and that’s something we found with this exciting brand that organically extracts and purifies hand-selected ingredients. With elements that you absolutely won’t find in any other products, we were beyond intrigued with Tiffany Anderson’s skincare collection Gavée Gold and are so excited to share our monthly must (or musts!) with you!

Gavée Gold Diamond Cell Salt Polish
This fab salt polish is a luxurious exfoliator for the face and body that will leave your skin feeling smoother and looking more restored than ever before. It’s packed with 12 mineral cell salts that are essential to your skin’s health along with diamond powder and three different types of Omegas that are extremely oxygenating. This innovative skin polish works beautifully on all skin types whether you’re sensitive or tolerant. For those of you that are concerned with sensitivity or that are possibly just looking for a little added moisture when exfoliating, use 50% skin polish and 50% coconut oil. It makes for a fabulous all-in-one moisturizing exfoliator! This little trick from us to you will leave your skin smooth and packed with moisture. And for the record, this product is gentle enough to use everyday and works wonderfully on the chest and body as well.


Gavée Gold Sun C Peptide Serum
We love Gavée Gold so much that we have to share one more product with you. So, make that two monthly musts! The Sun C Peptide Serum is a highly effective product that will elevate your skins luminosity and recover its brilliance while delivering the highest amount of moisture and Vitamin C. The fascinating thing about this item is that it’s all natural ingredients are gentle yet extremely potent; exotic berries like Pepperberry, Riberry and Muntries make for powerful antioxidants that help eliminate damage from harmful free radicals while nourishing and repairing your skin. It’s also packed with the anti-aging benefits of hyaluronic acid and hydroquinone, which works to quickly repair pigmentation issues leaving you with a more even skin tone. The best part? Besides everything? It’s safe to use twice a day and works wonderfully on all skin types! Apply it on clean, moist skin and you’ll very quickly see the commanding benefits of this groundbreaking serum.

We can’t wait for you to try these absolutely revolutionary products. Your restored skin is right around the corner!

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