Confessions of a Hairstylist

Creative Stying with Jenny Strebe

Episode 119

Jenny Strebe, also known as Confessions of a Hairstylist, stopped by BCTV to share some of her newest styling inspiration. She literally has THOUSANDS of incredible tutorials on her Instagram and YouTube channel but created a very special signature Bohemian Rope Braid just for you!

The Nine Zero One Way: Part 2

Full Makeover with Nikki Lee

Episode 118

Are you ready to see how Nikki can take it to the next level? Nikki Lee shows us how she applies Kaitlyn’s extensions to create more volume throughout the top. With these methods you’ll be able to take your clients to the next level and you’ll have them looking and feeling their most fabulous!

The Nine Zero One Way: Part 1

Full Makeover with Nikki Lee

Episode 117

Beauty Coach TV couldn’t help but bring in Nine Zero One’s very own Nikki Lee to show us her serious color skills and how she can completely transform a client’s color! In the first half of this two part series, she’ll be taking us through her consultation process, unique color application techniques, all the way through to the fab end result!

Progressive Blonde

Hair Color with Jay Wesley Olsen

Episode 116

When we found out one of Pulp Riot’s Co-Founders was coming by to show us his skills, we couldn’t contain ourselves. Not only is the incredibly talented Jay Wesley Olsen one of today’s leading hair artists but he is also a well established educator. You can catch him on platforms such as Hairbrained, Idea Logue, and now BCTV!

Boom, Bam, Pow, Chop!

Haircutting with Linh Phan

Episode 115

Linh Phan is no joke when it comes to making a statement! His work is innovative and highly creative. So, naturally BCTV had to have him! Linh shows us his signature LOB haircut that you’ve seen all over Instagram. His lines are strong and his technique is bold but he’s created a look that people just can’t get enough of.

Solid Stripes to Balanced Balayage

Color Melting with Jennifer Malone

Episode 114

Stripy and brassy highlights? We’ve all seen it. A lot of us have probably lived it! Fortunately for ALL of us, we have the ultra talented color guru Jennifer Malone here with us on BCTV! She’s going to show us exactly how she takes her clients from heavy highlights to soft, sexy balayage.

Flickers of Sun

Hair Color with Riawna Capri

Episode 113

This week, Riawna is here to introduce a little shimmer. With her subtle placement of color and toner, Riawna is able to create some desperately needed dimension. This technique is perfect for those clients who don’t like too much change or are nervous about appearing overly colored.

Bonjour Bob

Haircutting with Christine Symonds

Episode 112

“It’s time for a haircut!” Our fabulous guest artist Christine Symonds was inspired by the classic French Bob when she created her cut for BCTV. Christine is known for her beautiful work at Harper Salon here in Los Angeles and creates stunning looks on her celebrity clients such as Jessica Simpson, Kristin Bell and Odette Annable.

Get Snatched

Creative Styling with David Lopez

Episode 111

Can you name one look that never goes out of style? Yep, you guessed it. The Pony Tail! Styling Pro David Lopez couldn’t agree more which is why he created the “High Snatch” ponytail. This elevated pony has his celebrity clients like Chrissy Teigen and Ashley Graham rocking the red carpet in a whole new way!

Sun Drenched and Color Melted: Part 2

Root Shadow with Chad Kenyon

Episode 110

Chad really seals the deal by creating the most natural looking root shadow we’ve ever seen! Executing the perfect root shadow is truly an art form that takes those highlights from one shade of blah blonde to a multi-dimensional masterpiece. We swear it mimics tresses that have been drenched by the sun!

Sun Drenched Summer Blonde: Part 1

Hair Coloring with Chad Kenyon

Episode 109

The ColorMelt Specialist himself, Chad Kenyon! Over the past few months we have seen our blondes get blonder, our brunettes get lighter and our redheads have gone strawberry chic. We’re all drenched by summer’s sun and it’s looking hotter than ever before! Chad is going to show us PART 1 of his Sun Drenched Blonde!

A Little Goes A Long Way

Extensions with Riawna Capri

Episode 108

It’s no secret how much our Pro, Riawna loves to utilize extensions. We’ve said it before and we will say it again…proper hair extensions are a game changer! Tune in to see her step by step sectioning and tips to filling in those gaps that will elevate your clients into a modern, strong style they have always wanted.

Modern Fade

Haircutting with Whitney Vermeer

Episode 107

Believe us when we say that Whitney is one rad boss! Just off the heels of winning the NAHA Men’s Hairstylist of the Year Award, we are so lucky to have her here on BCTV. She shows us a traditional fade with an ultra modern spin and helps us get a bit more comfortable with that “other” tool…those notorious clippers!

The Bubble Technique

Creative Color with Sam Daly

Episode 106

Please welcome Guest Artist, Sam Daly. Sam is a educator for Pulp Riot as well as an Ambassador for Salon Centric. She came up with this technique while in a pinch during a hair show that resulted in looking just like the reflection on a bubble!

A Simple Twist Is All It Takes

Styling with Lindsey Neavitt

Episode 105

901 Artist and Wedding Pro, Lindsey Neavitt shows us how simple it can be. Styling for a wedding, a bridal shower or even a baby shower can be great way to boost your income and grow a referral business. Check out how she uses a simple twist, a little product and a few bobby pins to create two styles!

Short for the First Time

Haircutting with Riawna Capri

Episode 104

We have our pro Riawna Capri showing us how she transforms her client from long and layered to short AND sexy for the very first time. Her step-by-step consultation tips in addition to her haircutting techniques will help you and your client feel confident and understand that change is a fabulous thing!

The “901” Full Highlight

Blonde Color with Nikki Lee

Episode 103

Our pro, Nikki Lee is back to show you how to take that client to a blonde she’ll never forget with a full head application. Her sectioning, foil technique and toning are all here so you can try it out for yourself! Let us know what you think and don’t forget about that money piece!

Endless Possibilities

Wig Expertise with Robbi Rogers

Episode 102

Wig expert, Robbi Rogers, came to BCTV with all her favorite handmade wigs, personalized by name of course. She’s going to break down a different side of our business, all the way from wig care and application to styling tips. If you’ve been looking for that extra step as a hairstylist, or just want to know how’d they do that?

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Silver Color with Jill Buck

Episode 101

There’s a catch-22 with all these beautiful photos that are being created…Silver for example, isn’t technically a color and is often one of the more popular manipulated photos we see. 901 Artist, Jill Buck is here on BCTV to show us how to achieve this trend with no filter needed!

Balayage + Foil = FOILIAGE

Hair Coloring Technique with Riawna Capri

Episode 100

We get to see our art come to life everyday. Riawna Capri shows us her art. Foiliage is a technique created from the term balayage. Some find it easier than balayage and some do not, but that’s why our pro Riawna breaks down her version of Foiliage—and how it helps her get the job done.

Makeover Monday

Brown to Blonde Hair Color with Lo Wheeler Davis

Episode 99

Blonde Specialist, Lo Wheeler jumped on board at BCTV to show us her brown to blonde makeover! She shows us her foiling pattern, toners and gives her client an in-depth consultation…all leading to a perfect transformation.

Three Applications…All In One!

Base, Balayage and Lowlights with Lisa Satorn

Episode 98

Clients usually wait until the last possible moment to get their hair done. They want what they want WHEN they want it! If clients are good about pre-booking…this makes our jobs are easy. What about when they don’t? Nine Zero One Artist Lisa Satorn, can’t wait to show us how she accommodates these last minute clients all in one appointment!

Managing Your Social Game

Social Media Tips with Nikki Lee & Calli Cholodenko

Episode 97

The social game is strong when you know just how to play it. Thanks to Something Social’s founder Calli Cholodenko, she shares with us just what it takes to stay ahead and on top of our INSTAGRAM STRATEGY.

Modern Fringe

Haircutting with Cervando Maldonado

Episode 96

Cutting that small amount is no joke, so we asked the perfect Pro to show us just how its done. Cervando Maldonado may seem soft and gentle but he’s been know to cut some of the most aggressive Fringe’s on the red carpet!

Fashion Week Chic

Creative Styling with Kevin Hughes

Episode 95

We’ve seen feathers, hair pins, scarves, leather…the list goes on and on! Typically these trends are set all thanks to Fashion Week, so who better to have on BCTV than the Fashion week guru himself, Kevin Hughes. Kevin has some of the coolest tricks in the game.

Color for Curls or Curls to Color!?

Hair Coloring Curly Hair with Riawna Capri

Episode 94

Ever spend hours coloring your client’s mane only to have those beautiful sun kissed pieces look a bit out of place? Lucky for us, our Pro, Riawna is here to show us how she creates that perfect, natural color placement for curly hair…or is it the curls that create the color placement!?

I Heart Balayage

Balayage with Bianca Hillier

Episode 93

Bianca Hillier‘s incredible technique of hand painting, clean placement and the use of cotton have been all over instagram. She is a Brand Ambassador for Olaplex as well as Redken and lucky for us BCTV subscribers, she’s going to show us all just how it’s done. Her placement, formulas and favorite tools are all here

Mesh With Me

Balayage with Cheryl Roberts

Episode 92

901 Artist Cheryl Roberts is here to show us just how Maniac Mesh by Framar can do just that. As an alternative to using foils which just happens to be reusable and better for our environment, Cheryl walks us through Mesh placement to transition a brunette color into a sun kissed dream.

Let’s Give Her What She Wants

Coloring with Extensions with Nikki Lee

Episode 91

Our Pro, Nikki gives us the perfect example of how we can do just that. Her use of extensions as a way to add pop and color to her client with comprised hair makes it a win win for both stylist and client. Nikki shows us her Great Lengths Extension color choices as well as placement to give her client just what she wants!


Creative Styling with Jill Buck

Episode 90

Let’s get crazy, make a statement and ruffle some feathers…into your hair that is. We’re talking Featherlocks! This summer they’re back and more on trend than ever. 901 Artist, Jill Buck shows us a few fun festival styles to inspire you to create some eye catching looks this season.

Let’s Break it Down, Way Down

Product Knowledge with Tim Dueñes

Episode 89

What happens when you have those clients that your products just are not working for? We brought in our 901 Artist, Tim Dueñes to tell us how he manages all the options out there. He gives details of each type of product in a line as well as a great way to test them out. Don’t miss this game changing info!

Baby Steps

Haircutting with Riawna Capri

Episode 88

What’s worse than months of feeling frumpy and in-between styles? We’ve seen this over and over, and that’s why our very own Riawna Capri is going to show us how we can keep our clients feeling great about their hair while they’re transitioning into a new look!

Wearable Pastel

Pastel Coloring with Shelley

Episode 87

Let’s be real…we’ve all thought about getting creative with our client’s hair color! We’ve enlisted Loreal Pro Ambassador, Shelley Gregory to show us how we can take soft pastel colors to the next level AND create the perfect look for our clients or even, dare we say it, ourselves.

That 70’s Do

Creative Styling with Christian

Episode 86

They come and go and usually come again, just a little bit different. Right now we at BCTV feel like the 70’s are here! Our Guest Artist, Christian Wood believes so too and is here to show us his take on those big, big curls we love so much!

We be Bangin’

Cutting a Fringe with Nikki Lee

Episode 85

Trends can be exciting but also temporary…but that doesn’t mean our clients can’t have them! BCTV champ, Nikki Lee is going to show us how she eases her client into a soft fringe while then giving her the option to go for the full fringe trend!


Balayage with Ryan Weeden

Episode 84

It can be overwhelming when a client comes in with extremely thick hair and a tone that is not pleasing to the eye…brass. So BCTV thought Guest Artist Ryan Weeden, Master of Balayage was the perfect guy to come help us tackle this challenge.

Get Lost in the Dimension

Blonde Color with Riawna Capri

Episode 83

Our Pro, Riawna Capri takes us to a new dimension, a dimension of blonde hair that shows us how we can utilize our clients natural grow out to our advantage! Her foil placement is different from our 901Highlight and with the right steps in toning, it could be your next go to placement!

Braids N’ Waves

Creative Styling with Naeemah

Episode 82

Here at BCTV, we can never get enough of a good braid! The trend hit years ago and doesn’t seem to be losing steam. So we asked the Global Artistic Director of Amika, Naeemah LaFond to show us how its done! Naeemah takes us step by step with that perfect waved set, right into the creativity of a braid.

The Many Phases of Red

Red Hair Color with Nikki Lee

Episode 81

Emma Robert’s “Cayenne Spice” has become one of our most sought after hair colors here at Beauty Coach! Our Pro colorist Nikki Lee, gives us Step 1 in the process of taking your darker level 6 and below clients to achieving an all over Auburn Red result.

Sleek and Shine

Creative Styling on Nina Dobrev with Riawna Capri

Episode 80

In honor of Award Season and the fresh start of a New Year, BCTV has a very special guest lined up…Nina Dobrev! Our gorgeous, talented and hilarious friend is here hanging out with her Bestie Riawna, to share with you how the creativity behind a red carpet look comes together.

Let’s Talk Color Correction

Color Correction & Business Building Tips with Cassandra Platinum

Episode 79

In our industry it is all up to us on how we gain success and push our careers to new levels. This week’s Guest Artist Cassandra McGaughlin is here to help us break down the two sides to our job and how to tackle color correction clients while growing your business.

Short, Sassy and a bit Bad Assy Part 2

Creative Color with Chief Behr – 2 Part Series

Episode 78

They’re back guys and now its Guest Artist Chief Behr’s turn to show us some fun color! He is introducing a new color line that not only lifts the hair but it tones as well! Chief takes us step by step in his application and color choices, showing us how many possible options there are with this new line.

Short, Sassy and a bit Bad Assy

Short Haircutting with Phillip Wolff – 2 Part Series

Episode 77

So BCTV decided to bring in some bad asses…they’ll know what to do! Guest Artist Phillip Wolff joined BCTV to show us his spin on a pixie that will help your cutting skills go beyond the next level. He gives insight to old methods as well as new! Plus, his partner in crime Chief Behr is here too.

Jules My Muse

Creative Styling on Julianne Hough with Riawna Capri

Episode 76

She’s here! Our beautiful, talented and huge hearted friend Julianne Hough came by BCTV for a little ‘do by none other than her bestie, Riawna. We wanted to give all you BCTV subscribers an inside look to how we get our clients ready and feeling great!

What’s in Your Kit?

What You Need to Know: with Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri

Episode 75

It can be overwhelming keeping up with all the latest tools and products so we decided to break it down for you! Nikki and Riawna want to show you exactly what they keep in their kits to help ensure your jobs run smooth.

Multi Layering

Haircutting with Drew Schaefering

Episode 74

Thanks to Guest Artist Drew Schaefering we get a taste of NYC. This BCTV episode is all about layers. Drew shows us his take on disconnecting layers with a multi layering technique, in edition to who this technique is best used for.

The Talent in Teasing

Natural Hair Coloring with Stephen Garrison

Episode 73

BCTV asked Guest Artist, Stephen Garrison to come show us his approach to a highlight. We’ve all learned to soften a band, just add a little tease…but Stephen takes us to the next level with formulas and toners to help!

Instant Classic

Creative Styling with Ryan Richman

Episode 72

That beautiful, shiny, silky smooth texture that never goes out of style…Hollywood Glam. Its been on the red carpet for decades and lucky for us we have Pro and Guest Artist Ryan Richman here to show us how its done. Ryan recently created this look for Sarah Highland at the 2017 Emmy’s.

But What About Them Grey’s…

Base with Foils: Color with Nikki Lee

Episode 71

Nikki wanted to share one of her other amazing tips that goes a long with any highlight application. Every now and then we get those pesky grey’s that really wanna mess with our natural looking color…so how do we keep it looking natural along with a highlight???

Carmel, Spice and All Things Nice

Brunette Coloring with Cassandra McGlaughlin

Episode 70

They call her Cassandra Platinum but thats not all she can do! This week on BCTV, our special Guest Artist is here to show you guys a beautiful and easy technique for those not so blonde clients of ours.

It’s Shear Genius

All about Shears with Chul Jo

Episode 69

We have heard Riawna talk about them in almost every haircutting episode…her beloved shears! BCTV decided we needed to bring in the main man himself, Guest Chul Jo to tell us exactly why we love these shears so much!

Tame the Texture

Haircutting with Riawna Capri

Episode 68

Natural texture…Friend or Foe? Lets be real, a client with tons of hair can be super intimidating…especially when they want a change! Lucky for us, this is one of Riawna’s favorite things to take on in the salon. She is going to show us how to be confident in our cut and figure how to tame the beast!

Faux Dreads

Creative Styling with Chris Dylan

Episode 67

We called in the main man himself to show us how he creates this effortless style, Guest Artist Chris Dylan. He shows us step by step along with his favorite products how to achieve this faux dread without creating even one single dread!

Grey Coverage

Color with Nikki Lee

Episode 66

You gotta love that client that we see every four weeks on the dot! She never misses her appointment and always pre-books…she’s grey…and you are her savior! Sometimes that grey has a mind of it’s own, so Nikki is going to break down some formula options and share some of her favorite tips.

The Julianne

Haircutting with Riawna Capri

Episode 65

After much anticipation, email, and message requests….its here! Our Pro Riawna, creator of the look, is going to teach you step by step the short, textured,and piecey cut we all love, The Julianne. So get your scissors out and be ready to have some fun with this week’s episode, on BCTV!


A real life color correction with Amber Maynard Bolt

Episode 64

We hope you all enjoyed Part 1 of this series, and had a chance to try it for yourself! So now for those of you wanting to take it to the next level…here it is! 901 Artist, Amber is back to show you how to take your client even lighter after recovering from Box Color.

Our Worst Nightmare: BOX DYE

COLOR CORRECTION: Part 1* with Amber Maynard Bolt

Episode 63

She swears she doesn’t have color on her hair, or if she does its really old…so what to do…BCTV wanted to bring in our expert, 901 Artist, Amber Maynard Bolt to show you how to handle this situation perfectly! She takes us step by step in a two part series that gives you two options for beautiful end results!

Curls, Curls, Curls!

Curly Haircutting & Styling with Brianna Colette

Episode 62

Thanks to 901 Artist Bri, she shows us some amazing tips that will leave you feeling confident. Bri will explain how to cut, dry, and finish a beautiful head of natural tendrils, along with some of her favorite products and tools.

The In-between Service

Revamping your Client with Anthony Holguin

Episode 61

We asked our 901 (hilarous) Artist Anthony to show us how he covers this topic. Anthony demonstrates techniques that can be used in order to get your clients hair back on track after going on a vacation, being in the sun too much or just simply changing it up for them.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Platinum Hair Color with Terra Shapiro

Episode 60

Guest Artist Terra Shapiro is here on BCTV to show us her tips and tricks to achieve that perfect platinum diamond blonde! Terra talks about her application techniques as well as formulations that will help boost your confidence in trying this out on your next bleach and tone client!

Toning after a Highlight: Brunette Edition

Step by Step Tap and Toning with Riawna Capri

Episode 59

Just like we promised, here is the follow up episode of our Brunette Edition! Riawna shows us the difference between taping and toning a blonde vs toning a brunette and the important steps needed to create a seamless melt! Her formulations are here to help you tackle those level 6 and darker clients!

901 Highlight: Brunette Edition

Hair Coloring with Riawna Capri

Episode 58

They say Blondes have more fun but we don’t think thats totally true! Ms. Capri is ready to show us how Brunette’s can become stiff competition. Similar to our 901 highlight Blonde Edition, Riawna will take us step by step to brightening up our clients and some formulating help specifically designed for levels 6 and darker.

Chill…It’s Just a Wave

Styling with Dominick Serna

Episode 57

Sometimes as artists we get so worked up over what’s trending or what so and so did and “oh my gosh did you see her color” that we forget to relax…breath and focus on our basic techniques that take us farther. Guest Artist Dominick Serna is our #goals when it comes down to just taking a step back and relaxing into our craft.

Social Media

5 Important tips with Nina Kovner

Episode 56

Nina first helped us decide what our Brand is and how it all works, so this week she is breaking it down a little more. We all know how social media has made such an impact on our businesses but how do we know what to do on social media!? Guest Artist Nina Kovner is going to give us 5 simple steps that will help us “keep up with the times” Check it out!

An Opal Dream

Creative Color with Alexis Thurston and Pulpriot

Episode 55

You are not gonna believe this color until you see it for yourself! Guest Artist Alexis Thurston is blowing our socks off with this amazing color line she created herself, Pulpriot. Alexis is going to show us step by step how these colors can be so interchangeable or stand strong on their own. Her formula and creative placement is easy to follow and inspiring for any hair artist!

After a Day at the Beach: Evening Look

Make up tricks with Lauren Gott and Styling with Jill Buck

Episode 54

Did you catch last weeks easy breezy look!? Well this week Jill and Lauren are showing you how they transition their daytime causal into a fun, flirty and again, super easy evening look! It doesn’t take much but a little creativity and a few of the right products.

Flawless Skin, Effortless Hair: Day Look

Make up tricks with Lauren Gott and Styling with Jill Buck

Episode 53

Summer is in full effect and if you are like the rest of us at BCTV, we like our look to be easy, effortless and fun! 901 Artist Jill Buck, a long with Guest Artist Lauren Gott wanted to share their easy go to looks for clients (or themselves) for when they head to the beach, daytime BBQ or a fun get together!

Get Him NY Sleek

Men’s cutting with Mark Bustos

Episode 52

BCTV couldn’t help but have one of our favorite people, Mark Bustos back to show us his Mens cutting techniques. Wether you are East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in-between take the time for education and connecting with fellow artists!

A Quicker Extension Connection

Tape In Extensions with Rick Henry

Episode 51

We all have those clients that just don’t like to hold still. They want beautiful color and length but complain how much time it takes to achieve it. Well we have a solution! 901 Artist Rick Henry, you may know him from his work with Katy Perry, shows us his quick and alternate option to bonded hair extensions, tape ins!

Custom Carving

Haircutting Curly Hair with Riawna Capri

Episode 50

For todays special episode our Pro Riawna brought her good friend Emmanuelle Chriqui in to show you how she tackles natural curly hair! Sometimes we get nervous as artists to cut textures we don’t see everyday or we hear, “my last stylist cut way too much!”.

Flip it & Reverse it

Color Correcting with Nikki Lee

Episode 49

This scenario happens a lot…your client keeps booking her partial highlight and before you both know it, she’s blonde on top and brunette underneath! So what’s an easy way to get your clients beautiful locks back on track…? Nikki Lee is gonna show us how by keeping our clients color looking natural and transiting it smoothly.

The “G” Wave

Styling with Giannandrea

Episode 48

You’ve seen his work all over the red carpet, movie premieres and Cannes….the G of all G’s, Giannandrea! Today he’s going to show us one of his favorites, the G Wave. Chrissy Teagan rocked this look, now so can you! Be sure to tune in, BCTV has a special offer from Aria Beauty just for you.


Hair Coloring with Justin Anderson

Episode 47

AHH! You just spent so much time taking your client blonde and she says, “um I don’t know, it just looks dark…” We all know there is just no telling them their blonde. So to help us out BCTV knew the man for the job, Guest Artist Justin Anderson! He’s back and ready to show us just how to make that blonde…BLONDER!!!

Get The Look: Nina Dobrev

Make Up with Spencer Barnes Styling with Riawna Capri

Episode 46

It’s one of our most requested make up and hair tutorial how to’s from the 2017 Variety Fair Party, Nina Dobrev look. The actual pro’s themselves, Spencer and Riawna are going to take you guys step by step into their world of creating and maybe talk a bit about the fun they had that night.

What is a Brand?

Social Tips with Nina Kovner

Episode 45

With the way our culture has changed and evolved in to being driven by social media, we can feel lost and overwhelmed at times. When do I post? What do I post? Guest Artist Nina Kovner with Passion Squared came to BCTV to help with just that.

It’s More than Just a Haircut

Connecting with your client with Mark Bustos

Episode 44

Guest Artist Mark Bustos‘ approach as a hairstylist shows that if we take the time to get to know our clients, connect with them, and understand them, their service will be just right. As Mark says, “I may be expensive or free but I am never cheap.”

Fluid Hair Painting

Balayage Table with KL Christoffersen

Episode 43

Guest Artist KL is here to show us how this tool can add to your balayage technique, speed up your service and offer alternate looks to the clients!

The Cut They Love

Long Layered Haircutting with Nikki Lee

Episode 42

For this week BCTV episode Nikki is bringing back some basics…because with these tips, you will have a client for life! Everyone loves a Nikki Lee haircut and she’s gonna show you how to give it to your clients too!

Seamless Balayage

Hair Painting with Tabitha Dueñas

Episode 41

If you have tried to do it or seen it done, you know how much skill and talent it takes to make Hair Painting seamless and flawless. That’s why we asked our specialist, 901 Artist Tabitha Dueñas to show us how it’s done.

That Drop Fade Though

Barbering for a Cosmo with Pope the Barber

Episode 40

A whole new level of inspiration is coming your way via Guest Artist Pope the Barber! This chick is badass and is here to show all of us at BCTV how to really use those clippers. Pope breaks down a drop fade step by step for us cosmetologist who never took a barbering course or know what number guard to use!

Summer Sun and Festival Fun!

Creative Hair Styling with Jill Buck

Episode 39

901 Artist Jill Buck creates easy summer styles that can be done on anyone! She shows you how to utilize your clients natural texture as a foundation for styling as well as options of how to customize with the latest hair accessories!

Beach Babe Balayage

Brunette Coloring with Riawna Capri

Episode 38

As the season heats up, our clients will be requesting change and wondering what will be new for summer. In this episode Riawna covers just that…a technique to create sun kissed hair so natural looking you would swear she just spent a month vacationing on the shores of Australia!

Maybe She’s Born With It

Color Matching Extensions With Nikki Lee

Episode 37

Our Pro Nikki Lee wants to share with you the absolute most important step…Color Matching. She shares everything from consultation tips to how to select and properly blend the perfect color combinations for your client. We love what extensions can do for clients and what they can do for your business.

She’s Red-Y for a Change!

Red Hair Coloring with Nicole Leal

Episode 36

It’s not everyday you get asked to create a major makeover for your clients but when you do we want you to be ready to give it to them! 901 Artist and Academy Director Nicole Leal is showing you step by step color from Blonde to Ginger and it looks amazing! Don’t miss it!

Its Not An Updo Do

Faux Bob Styling with Bridget Brager

Episode 35

BCTV would like to welcome our newest little Hair Fairy! Guest Artist Bridget Brager is just that, and she is here to show us her take on the Faux Bob. We love this technique so much because of how versatile it can be for that client that wants something new and fresh without the commitment of going short.

Its Been Long Enough!

Fresh Faced Haircutting with Riawna Capri

Episode 34

“I’m scared to cut my hair” she says. We’ve all heard this a million times, right?! With her effortless texture and style, Riawna shows us a simple way to ease your client into her “new do” without her freaking out!

She Can’t Handle Da Bleach

Transitional Color with Nikki Lee

Episode 33

We all love a silvery, icy Bleach and Tone but what happens when the hair just needs a break? Harsh roots can be a scary thing to tackle all while making your client feel at ease about the transition, so Nikki is gonna show us how to do just that!

Shooting the Shit in the Shampoo Room

Hair Talk with Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri

Episode 32

Maybe you have heard it before, but at BCTV we believe you are only as good as your Tribe! Nikki and Riawna are excited to talk to you about our 901 Team, how we work, some of their do’s and don’ts and the importance of your happiness.

The Supermodel Shag

Razor Cutting with Tim Dueñas

Episode 31

I don’t want to look like a Supermodel…said no one ever! Razor cutting can be intimidating but with the right education and practice your business will be forever changed. 901 Artist Tim is going to show us some basic techniques as well as some advanced ones on a cut he calls “the Supermodel Shag.”

She’s An Ice Queen

Bleach and Tone Retouch with Anthony Holguin

Episode 30

One of the hardest tones out there to achieve…the Ice Queen! Our 901 Artist Anthony is gonna show us all his tips and tricks to achieve that perfect Ash Blonde! He does clients every week wanting this look and has tricks you wont want to miss!

The Brittenelle

Short Textured Hair Cutting with Riawna Capri

Episode 29

We work hard and work long days but having fun is right up there too. Check out today’s BCTV episode where Riawna and Brittenelle do just that! Maybe even a little too much fun! They will show us the custom cut they created together and how one little tip can make all the difference!

Winter Warmth

Hair Coloring and Make Up Changes with Amber and Anton

Episode 28

Change is not always easy but sometimes our clients crave the idea. We teamed up with our 901 Artist Amber as well as Guest Artist Anton to show you and your team just how we do it! This episode features Dermaflash, new technology in skin care with a special offer for BCTV subscribers!

Extension Connection

Hair Cutting with Nikki Lee

Episode 27

We think its safe to say, bad extensions stick out like a sore thumb. Nikki is gonna show us exactly what to do and what not to do in order to make our clients over all extension application, feel blended and natural!

Secret Layers

Hair Cutting with Cory James

Episode 26

Currently trending along side the Mermaid Shag comes the ever lasting Bob, but with 901 Artist, Cory, things get even better! He’s going to show us a modern version as well as secret layers to keep it sleek and easy to style!

Shooting the Shit in the Shampoo Room

With Riawna, Nikki, Sarah Potempa and Tracey Cunningham

Episode 25

We’re shootin’ the shit again and this time it’s all about the girls! Nikki, Riawna, Sarah and Tracey are giving us insight on how Woman can make their mark in this industry! These girls have worked so hard to be where they are and they wanna help you get there too!

Purple, Blue and Green Change Everything!

Color Toning with Riawna Capri

Episode 24

We are not kidding when we say everything! Toning takes your business to another level, so if today is the day you tune in you won’t be sorry! Riawna shows us pretoned and toned hair side by side to give the full effect of this powerful tool!

Victoria’s Secret: Get the look!

Styling with Sarah Potempa

Episode 23

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for the VS Angels? We at BCTV do! Celebrity Stylist Sarah Potempa shows us her exact set to achieve that VS Angel look! If that’s not enough 901 Artist Jenni (of Sunkissed by Jenni) is also showing us how to get that Victoria Secret glow to go along with it!

Adding Sparkles

Creative Styling with Daniel Moon

Episode 22

We’re so excited about this weeks episode and if you saw Nina Dobrev’s AMA’s look…you’ll know why! Guest Artist Daniel Moon is here to show us his magic! His artist approach to styling comes to life in these simple application techniques.

The Blonde Wand by Pravana

Coloring with Nikki Lee

Episode 21

The latest in hair technology and an absolute time saver! BCTV is breaking down the pros, the cons and how this tool can help you and your business grow! Nikki is showing us application, timing and talks about her favorite tricks with the Blonde Wand.

Holiday Hair

Creative Styling with Sarah Potempa

Episode 20

Celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa is here to show us not only a classic holiday look but also how to achieve it with the help of her amazing tool, The Beachwaver. It’s like a two for one deal!

From Ceremony to Reception

Bridal Styling with Marissa Marino

Episode 19

As one bridal year is coming to an end the one is being planned! With this being such a great addition to our business as beauty coaches we wanted to share some of our bridal tips. Fresh off tour with Selena Gomez, 901 Artist, Marissa Marino shows us her day to evening look.

Tip Toeing into Fall

Blonde Color with Tracey Cunningham

Episode 18

Do your clients always ask you what’s new for fall!? Us too! So this year we asked none other than Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham to help us decide, what’s new this fall!

Mermaid Shag

Cutting with Riawna Capri

Episode 17

The 70’s are back! This fall, one of the hottest trends we’re having fun with is fringe! Riawna is going to show us how she creates those beautiful textured layers without turning it into a mullet

The “901” Highlight

Coloring with Nikki Lee

Episode 16

This week Nikki is going to show us our #1 most requested look on Instagram. She explains our 901 foil placement and how we achieve that signature “pop piece”.

O’ So Natural Clip ins & Cutting Extensions

With Chad Wood

Episode 15

Chad Wood shows us how to create a flawless clip in application and haircut! He is known for his red carpet work that has been seen on stars such as Jamie King, Hannah Davis, Hailey Baldwin, Chrissy Teigen…just to name a few!

Shooting the Shit in the Shampoo Room

With Nikki, Riawna, Charlie Price and Justin Anderson

Episode 14

Nikki and Riawna sit down with this month’s guest artists for some special hair talk! They’ll talk about challenges we face in our industry as well as some tips and tricks.

Trending Color: Rose Gold

With Amber Maynard Bolt

Episode 13

BCTV and Byrdie.com have teamed up for a fun look on their very own news editor, Victoria Hoff. We’ll take you into Amber’s (a 901 artist) world of color as she creates…Rose Gold!

Create the look: Unicorn Bun

Styling with Riawna Capri

Episode 12

Inside look to how Riawna creates some of her best red carpet looks for the Creative Arts Emmy’s! She will be talking tips and tricks and how we can use these techniques with any updo.

Texture Mid is in!

Cutting with Charlie Price

Episode 11

One of the industries best, Charlie Price here to show us how, Mid is In! Charlie’s scissor cutting technique will help modernize our clients haircuts and refresh their look.

Permanent Texture

Permanent Waves by Tabitha Dueñas

Episode 10

Our 901 Artist Tabitha is showing us how to create natural body waves that we can use on highlighted hair! We promise those hours spent in Beauty School wrapping your doll head can be worth it!

Sunkissed Sparkles

Color with Justin Anderson

Episode 9

Justin Anderson shows us his sunkissed sparkles on Kristin Calvallari! His technique is used for color placement after a haircut, and for those of you that love to #paintthetownblonde this ones for you.

Bieber’s Basics

Cutting with Florido

Episode 8

Back from tour with Justin Bieber, Florido will be demonstrating one of his signature looks he created for one of the biggest stars in the industry.

Filling the Gaps

Extensions with Nikki Lee

Episode 7

Nikki Lee showing us how to take our skills to the next level by applying extensions in order to complete a look! Bad haircut? Fine hair? No problem, we’re here to help!

FHL 30 Foils Or Less

Color with Riawna Capri

Episode 6

WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER! Riawna Capri shows you how to do just that…A full head highlight with thirty foils or less! Our time, like our clients, is valuable.

Rockin’ the Red Carpet

Styling with Larry Sims

Episode 5

Get ready to be inspired by Larry’s step by step tutorial to getting Gabrielle Union’s red carpet look!

All About That Face

Cutting With Riawna Capri

Episode 4

Riawna’s teaching the importance of shaping around the face! Check out her techniques and follow along step by step.

Magic at the Bowl

Color With Nikki

Episode 3

Create magic at the bowl with Nikki! She’s teaching you a quick, easy way to remove build-up on the hair and brighten it, without using lightener. You won’t want to miss it!

Making Waves

Styling by Riawna & Nikki

Episode 2

Nikki and Riawna are making waves! The two will be teaching you the key to creating the perfect beachy wave, better known as our signature #901wave, as well as a soft polished wave.

The Perfect Blowdry

Styling by Riawna Capri

Episode 1

Get ready to be blown away with Riawna Capri as she guides you, step by step, and reveals her tricks to creating the perfect blowdry!