BCTV Episodes

Regrowth We Can Work With!

Color with Riawna Capri

The roots are REAL! While some may be hating it, we’re finding that others are actually really feeling it! This week, our very own Riawna Capri is going to show you how to work with that regrowth and transition your client out of being super duper blonde to rocking their natural color with a few sun kissed pieces because after all, we do love a little dimension in our lives.

Bet on this Brunette $$$ Piece!

Color with Nikki Lee

Not all money pieces are made the same, especially when it comes to brunettes. The stripes can be REAL, are we right?? The look can quickly go a little skunky…ESPECIALLY when the hair gets pulled back. You know what we’re talking about. Not to worry, though! Nikki Lee is here with us on BCTV’s home edition to show you how to do that perfect money piece on a brunette. She approaches the front pieces on a brunette much differently than she does with a blonde.

Rooted Extensions...Celeb Style!

Color with Aleksey Bishop

Nine Zero One’s very own Aleksey Bishop is here with us and he is going to show you just how to root extensions so that they blend flawlessly with your client’s natural hair color and NEVER reveal those dreaded tracks. These are actually the exact techniques that he’s uses to color extensions for Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Aniston…so you definitely don’t want to miss this education packed episode!

Committed to Curly

Cutting with Riawna Capri

Riawna Capri is here with us on BCTV’s home edition to show you a fabulously contemporary curly cut as well as provide you with all the knowledge to make it happen. She’s going to be showing you all kinds of her top secret cutting tricks that will help you take full control of any kind of curly texture without going too short or too blunt. We are absolutely loving all of Riawna’s techniques and can’t wait for you to see them.

Ditch that Quaran-TINT!

Color with Nikki Lee

Our very own Nikki Lee is here to show you a one step, safe way to knock out that color without having to bleach it out! Nikki is actually going to share the exact products and techniques that she used on Hilary Duff AND Jennifer Love Hewitt to get rid of the lingering fashion shades that were leftover from quarantine. We couldn’t believe how safely and easily the color came out.

How to Highlight RED!

Color with Amber Bolt

Nine Zero One’s master stylist Amber Bolt is back with us right here on BCTV! So…if you loved Amber’s “Dip your Toe in Red” episode, you’re going to be obsessed with this one! After taking your client red, you’re going to need to know how to create highlights specifically for them because here’s the thing…often times your clients are used to their hair being different tones, especially if they were a blonde or a highlighted brunette.

Express Toning...Part 2

Color with Jill Buck

We’re back with Nine Zero One senior stylist and Joico celebrity artist Jill Buck! This week, she’s going to wrap up her color by showing you how she uses quick toners to compliment her express foiling service. Jill actually taps and tones in the exact same pattern that she foiled her client in the last episode. This is going to instantly create depth without having to root shadow, keep this technique quick and simple for you AND your client.

Express Foiling...Part 1

Color with Jill Buck

Another episode of BCTV’s home edition! This week, we have Nine Zero One senior stylist and Joico celebrity artist Jill Buck with us and she is going to show you her “express foiling” technique that will maximize your results with a minimal amount of work. Jill‘s unique sectioning and foil placement delivers the perfect amount of pop while keeping her model’s natural depth.

Dip Your Toe In Red

Color with Amber Bolt

Welcome to the first episode of BCTV’s home edition! And…we’re so excited to kick it off with Nine Zero One’s master colorist Amber Bolt! This week, she’s going to show you some serious trade secrets that will erase your fear of red FOREVER. We know how intimidating red can be, and we want you to have all the knowledge so that you get flawless results…every single time!

Dry Cut No Matter What!

Cutting with Riawna Capri

Guess who’s back?? Our very own Riawna Capri!! She is going to show you some serious dry cutting techniques that work beautifully on hair that’s air dried OR blown out! Ri’s cutting techniques are perfect for that client that likes to wear their hair wavy and natural but also likes to blow dry it as well. She’s going to take you through her entire cutting process and show you exactly how she assesses her clients hair prior to starting the cut, show you all kinds of amazing texturizing tips and tricks as well as talk about her favorite tools that will get the job done flawlessly.

The Artist Approach, Baby...

Color with Riawna Capri

Our very own Riawna Capri is back! She’s going to show you her unique artist approach to baby balayage. We’re obsessed with Riawna’s application process…she hand paints and tailors the color specifically to the way her model’s hair naturally falls. It’s fabulously low maintenance and perfect for that virgin haired client that isn’t trying to get her hair done on a regular basis. No foils, no money piece…just beautifully sun-kissed, effortless color.

Forget the Foils with Open Air Balayage!...Part 2

Color with Frances Canola

We’re back with Frances, and this week she’s going to wrap up her unique take on the open air balayage by showing you all of her toning techniques using rapid toners. She’ll be sharing her must have formulas as well as take you through her exact application process. We couldn’t believe how flawlessly her model’s hair turned out in just a few short minutes and can’t wait for you to check it out for yourself.

Forget the Foils with Open Air Balayage!...Part 1

Color with Frances Canola

We have color expert and Nine Zero One Academy alum Frances Canola with us and she is going to demonstrate the innovative Open Air Balayage technique. Frances’ process is incredibly detailed and thorough yet very easy to follow. She actually paints delicately in “v-shaped” patterns throughout her model’s hair which results in a sun kissed effect that melts together beautifully.

Soft Blunt Bob Basics

Cutting with Caile Noble

This week, we have cutting guru Caile Noble with us and he’s going to show you all the basics that you’ll ever need to know on how to create a beautifully soft and blunt bob. We absolutely LOVE Caile’s techniques; they’re perfect for creating a chic, classic cut that has an effortlessly modern flair.

You GLOW Girl!...Part 2

Color with Marissa Sue

We’re back with Marissa, and this week she’s going to finish up her glowing blonde beauty by showing you all of her tips for natural toning. We are loving all of her techniques; she actually uses three different formulations to make this color so successful.