BCTV Episodes

Mastering a Flawless Fade

Cutting with Clint Torres

Trends may be fleeting, but when it comes to the boys…a flawless fade is forever! This week on BCTV, we have the amazing Clint Torres with us and he’s going to show you all his tips and tricks for the perfect low and tight fade. We know that this can be an intimidating haircut to do, so we want you to have all the necessary skills to make it happen. Clint’s techniques are so super easy to follow and he absolutely kills this look.

Reverse Partial Highlight...Part 2

Color with Riawna Capri

We’re back BCTV with none other than Riawna Capri! This week, Ri’s going to finish up her client that’s never blonde enough by showing her very unique toning tips for this specific situation. She actually works “backwards” by starting with a purple shampoo cocktail in order to keep the color as bright as possible…we all know how fussy that client can get when the toner winds up looking too dark or dull. No dishwater blonde here! We guarantee Ri’s unique reverse approach will keep that client looking extra blonde and bright.

Reverse Partial Highlight...Part 1

Color with Riawna Capri

Have you ever had that client that always wants to be blonder, but also wants to keep their base deep and dimensional? Maybe they have a few grays? Or 50? We know the struggle, and we have the perfect antidote…Riawna Capri! She’s with us this week to show you how to do a reverse partial highlight that will make that picky client feel super bright while leaving their deeper base intact. Ri is going to show you how she uses “foilayage” combined with balayage to make this application process so successful and we are sooooo here for it!

“Oh S#!t Series" A Toning Catastrophe!

Color with Nikki Lee

Sometimes toner doesn’t do what we want it to do, thus, a serious “Oh S#!t” moment. In Nikki’s case, her model’s toner grabbed real quick, real dark, and REAL muddy. YIKIES, right?? Here’s the thing though, we want you to remember that color can ALWAYS be fixed! Nikki is going to show you just how she handles a serious toning dilemma by demoing a few different techniques that she would gravitate towards as well as share her full-proof, color correcting toning formulas.

Fierce yet Fresh...the Faux Shag

Cutting with Riawna Capri

What your client says they want and what they ACTUALLY want are often times two different things. An example, you ask? The shag! We’re seeing it more and more and it’s totally on trend, but the chances of your client wanting an ultra-layered, 70s rocker moment are a little less likely. What they probably want is a long, layered cut with a few disconnected pieces that edges up their look while keeping it modern, chic, and versatile. Our very own Riawna Capri is here with us this week to show you how to create that faux shag realness and we are so excited!

Do it ALL with Schwarzkopf’s tbh!

Color with Nikki Lee

Get ready for an extra special episode of BCTV! This week, our very own Nikki Lee is going using Schwarzkopf’s tbh color line to do ALL the things to revive none other than…Riawna Capri! Ri’s hair was in need of a refresh for sure, and we knew that this was the perfect time to show you how you can use Schwarzkopf’s tbh line to fully revitalize your client’s hair! Nikki will be using a demi-permanent tbh combination to soften up Riawna’s grey’s before throwing in a handful of highlights.

"Oh S#!t Series" Fix that Overly Ambitious Money Piece

Color with Riawna Capri

We’re back with another episode of BCTV’s “Oh S#!t” series! This week, Riawna Capri is going to help you sort out that money piece that may have gotten a little too chunky and…ambitious. Ri is going to break down how she changes up the levels of her toners as well as sections out that money piece to soften up the blocky madness that’s happening while keeping the overall brightness.

Poppin’ Highs off of Lows

Color with Nikki Lee

While super blonde ends can be a girls best friend, sometimes we’re just over them too and need a change, are we right? This week on BCTV, Nikki Lee is here with us and she is going to show you how she uses highlights AND lowlights to give that overall refresh that’s super fast and most importantly…easy to do! Our favorite part? Nikki will be demoing just how she pulls super chunky lowlights through the ends to create gorgeous depth that really makes the highlights pop.

Ghost Layers!

Cutting with Nikki Lee

Our very own Nikki Lee is back! This week on BCTV, Nikki is going to show you how she creates “ghost layers” or internal layers to smoothly transition that client that is wanting to move away from a blunt cut to a much more effortless and free-flowing vibe. This is perfect for that long haired client that doesn’t want to lose her length but still wants a change.

There’s No Gray Area with Schwarzkopf’s tbh!

Color with Riawna Capri

Riawna Capri is here to show you her favorite way to cover up those stubborn gray hairs with Schwarzkopf Professional’s newest color line tbh – true beautiful honest! We are absolutely loving how versatile tbh is. Not only is Riawna going to show you how the same tube of tbh can not only cover the most stubborn gray, but also can be used to create a demi-permanent color for a beautiful color refresh. When someone comes in for gray coverage, there’s always more to the story and tbh has that covered.

"Oh S#!t Series" Botched Layers

Cutting with Nikki Lee

We have a little something special for you this week on BCTV! We’re kicking off our “Oh S#!T” series for all of those, well, let’s just say disastrous unplanned moments that happen in the salon…ALL the time. To start us off, we have none other than our very own Nikki Lee! She’s going to show you some of her go to hacks for fixing those botched layers that we’ve all seen and have had to deal with, ESPECIALLY with people coming out of quarantine who may or may not have chopped their own hair.

Regrowth We Can Work With!

Color with Riawna Capri

The roots are REAL! While some may be hating it, we’re finding that others are actually really feeling it! This week, our very own Riawna Capri is going to show you how to work with that regrowth and transition your client out of being super duper blonde to rocking their natural color with a few sun kissed pieces because after all, we do love a little dimension in our lives.

Bet on this Brunette $$$ Piece!

Color with Nikki Lee

Not all money pieces are made the same, especially when it comes to brunettes. The stripes can be REAL, are we right?? The look can quickly go a little skunky…ESPECIALLY when the hair gets pulled back. You know what we’re talking about. Not to worry, though! Nikki Lee is here with us on BCTV’s home edition to show you how to do that perfect money piece on a brunette. She approaches the front pieces on a brunette much differently than she does with a blonde.

Rooted Extensions...Celeb Style!

Color with Aleksey Bishop

Nine Zero One’s very own Aleksey Bishop is here with us and he is going to show you just how to root extensions so that they blend flawlessly with your client’s natural hair color and NEVER reveal those dreaded tracks. These are actually the exact techniques that he’s uses to color extensions for Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Aniston…so you definitely don’t want to miss this education packed episode!

Committed to Curly

Cutting with Riawna Capri

Riawna Capri is here with us on BCTV’s home edition to show you a fabulously contemporary curly cut as well as provide you with all the knowledge to make it happen. She’s going to be showing you all kinds of her top secret cutting tricks that will help you take full control of any kind of curly texture without going too short or too blunt. We are absolutely loving all of Riawna’s techniques and can’t wait for you to see them.