BCTV Episodes

The Perfect Root Shadow Meets Flawless Toning...Part 2

Color with Kim Navarro

Kim is back! This week, she is going to show you how she finishes her balance foiling technique. We all know that a seamless root shadow can make or break a color and Kim is breaking down the basics of the 901 “Tap & Tone”. The goal here is to keep those highlights bright while allowing the lowlights to create shape and dimension.

Blonde vs Brunette, the Perfect Balance...Part 1

Color with Kim Navarro

Nine Zero One’s very own Kim Navarro is here with us this week and she’s going to show you just how she manages that client whose blonde has gotten a little, well, washed out. We’ve all been there, right?? She’ll be demoing her balancing foil technique which proves to be the perfect way to section out her client so she can bring in some rich lowlights for depth while adding a few highlights for balanced brightness.

Get REDdy with Schwarzkopf’s IGORA VIBRANCE!

Color with Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee is here to show you how to create the ultimate multidimensional red with none other than the magic of Schwarzkopf Professional! No one does red quite like they do, which is why we’re so beyond excited to share this episode with you. Nikki is going to start out by rooting her client’s base with Schwarzkopf Professional’s IGORA VIBRANCE before she adds some dimension with a little dash of their BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ and finishing off the look with a beautiful gloss.

Hidden Layers, Curtain Bangs, and Soft Blunt Texture!

Cutting with Chelsea Vonne James

This week, we have the very talented Chelsea Vonne James with us and she is going to show you how she softens up the iconic blunt cut to give it a fresh new look that has tons of texture and movement. Chelsea is going to do her entire cutting process on a mannequin head so she can take you through all of her tips as well as show you how to correct some common mistakes that can happen with this kind of style.

Back by Popular Demand...AGT Style Rings in 2020!

Styling with Jill Buck

Last week’s episode was soooo popular that we just had to bring you two more of Julianne Hough’s iconic AGT looks that we knew would be perfect for any NYE occasion. These looks were created on Jules by none other than our Nine Zero One girl, Jill Buck! The first look Jill is going to show you is the ultimate way to give a short haired babe a fashionable, textured pony that’s chic but also won’t break the bank.

America’s Got Talent and Julianne’s got STYLE!

Styling with Riawna Capri

Riawna Capri is going to show you some iconic looks that she created on the stunning Julianne Hough for America’s Got Talent. We thought that these looks would be perfect to try out on your clients just in time for the holidays! The first is a piecey, textured look; it’s a great alternative to beach waves that’s more polished and more connected.

The Creamiest Dreamiest (High Lift Blonde)!

Color with Nikki Lee…Part 2

Nikki Lee is going to wrap up her high lift blonde demo right at the shampoo bowl. She’s has some serious tricks for the perfectly toned high lift blonde and she is going to share all of them with you! She’s also going to touch on some common mishaps that she’s come across because there’s no sense in repeating a mistake that’s already been made, are we right??

The Creamiest Dreamiest (High Lift Blonde)!

Color with Nikki Lee…Part 1

Nikki Lee is going to show you just how she does a beautiful high lift blonde. This can be an intimidating way to do color, so Nikki wants to make sure that you feel comfortable in taking this on because let’s be real…for the right person…a high lift blonde can definitely work far better than a traditional bleach and tone.

From Grey to Heyyyy! Schwarzkopf’s IGORA COLOR10

Color with Riawna Capri

Our very own Riawna Carpi is here with us this week and she’s going to show you her new favorite product, Schwarzkopf’s Professional IGORA COLOR10! This is the end all when it comes to stubborn grey root touchups…we’ve literally never been so excited! One quick application, 10 minutes of processing, DONE. Your client’s roots will be as good as new and they’ll be ready to take on the world!

Crystal Cashmere...In Common’s New Game Changer

In Salon Treatment with Nikki Lee

We’re here with the one and only Nikki Lee and she is going to share In Common’s newest pride and joy, Crystal Cashmere! This innovative in-salon treatment created by none other than Nikki and Riawna has been in the works for a hot minute and now it’s ready and we’re just so stoked to finally be able to share it with you! Crystal Cashmere is a super easy to use, two-step treatment that will strengthen, revitalize, and reinvent your client’s hair.

The Bold and Blunt Bob

Cutting with Kelsey Gusto

This week on BCTV, we have cutting expert Kelsey Gusto with us and she’s going to show you just how she does a fabulously chic, super blunt bob. We know how intimidating this can be to do, so we knew that Kelsey was the perfect candidate to teach you guys all of the necessary tricks.

Bleach Out the Boys & Tone to Pastel Perfection!

Color with Amber Maynard

This week we brought in none other than Nine Zero One’s very own Amber Maynard (or as we like to call her…Alchemist Amber)! She is going to show you her best bleach and tone tricks specifically for the boys as well as how she combines different color lines to create custom shades. She’ll also be demonstrating how she maps out her application to get the best results that will also keep your client happy and comfortable during the process.

Razor Up Your Bob

Cutting with Tim Dueñas

This week on BCTV, we have Nine Zero One’s very own Tim Dueñas with us and he is going to show you just how he takes on that client with super dense hair that is looking for a fabulously textured bob. Tim will be taking you through all of his critical cutting and texturizing techniques including how he uses a razor to achieve the look that he wants.

Dirty Brunette - The Alternative Options

Color with Lauren Burke...Part 2

Lauren Burke is back with us and she is going to teach you just how she tones the ultra chic Dirty Brunette. Products and formulations are absolutely key here and why Lauren chooses the specific products that she does makes for flawlessly failsafe results. Don’t worry, Lauren is going to be with you every step of the way! We can’t wait for you to see the final look.

Dirty Brunette - The Alternative Options

Color with Lauren Burke

Nine Zero One’s very own Lauren Burke is back with an extended replay of the Dirty Brunette. This is definitely the hot new trend that everyone is asking for, so we want to make sure that you guys have ALL the tools you need to master this iconic style.