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From Fashion to Fresh!

Color Correction with Jill Buck...Part 2

This episode is packed with some serious education; it covers everything from base to highlights to lowlights and even an alternative to harsh color removers! You’ll be able to tackle color correction with the utmost confidence! AND…be sure to tune in next week to catch Jill’s corrective toning process! It’s an epic transformation and we can’t wait for you to see it!

From Fashion to Fresh!

Color Correction with Jill Buck...Part 1

Sometimes transitioning someone out of a fashion color and back to a natural tone can be a little taxing. We’ve definitely been there, so we knew it was the perfect week to bring in none other than our fabulous Jill Buck! Jill will be taking you through all of her important tips for properly lifting away a fashion color.

Freehand Your Way to Effortless Texture

Cutting with Riawna Capri

We all have those clients that have naturally free-flowing texture that never really wear it straight or too overly styled, right? Well, it’s time we shed a little light on how to best cut their hair that way too. Who better to show us than our very own Riawna Capri! Not only is Ri our resident master cutter, but this is her favorite way to do a haircut.

Blonde so Bright...Multi Dimensional with Minimal Maintenance

Color with Nikki Lee...Part 2

We’re back with our Nikki Lee! In the conclusion of this fab two parter, Nikki will be toning her client at her favorite place…the shampoo bowl! With this type of blonde, every moment counts so Nikki always works at the bowl and keeps a very close eye on her client.

Blonde so Bright...Multi Dimensional with Minimal Maintenance

Color with Nikki Lee...Part 1

Our very own Nikki Lee is here and she is going to share just how she handles that client and keeps their blonde shining brighter for longer. She’ll be transitioning her client from babylights to much bigger, brighter pops of color. Nikki’s unique foiling methods will also add more dimension which means less trips to the salon and a very happy client.

The Dirty Brunette

Color with Lauren Burke

We have Nine Zero One’s very own Lauren Burke with us and she is going to share with you how to achieve the Internet phenomenon that is the Dirty Brunette! What’s that, you ask? It’s essentially a brunette base topped with warm, golden highlights; the anecdote to the dirty blonde that we’ve needed in our lives.

Fend Off Fine Hair with an Undercut

Cutting with Lauren Sill

This week, we have the very talented Lauren Sill aka @alittlesnippy with us and she is going to shed some light on how to approach an undercut bob in an ultra modern way. She’ll be taking us through all of her exceptional cutting secrets as well as share with us some of her favorite tools.

Take Control of Lasting Color with Layered Toning

Color with Gina Bianca…Part 2

We’re back with our color guru Gina Bianca and this week she is going to talk all about her innovative “layered toning” technique. This is MAJORLY critical information guys, and we can’t believe that we haven’t been doing this on all of our clients! Gina will be showing you a variety of different methods at the shampoo bowl that actually allow the toner to process for its full time.

The ‘Why’ Behind Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal Foil Placement

Color with Gina Bianca

Gina Bianca is back with us and she is going to show you her horizontal, vertical, and diagonal foil placement techniques. She’ll be doing an in depth demo on these different methods as well as give you ‘the why’ behind each them. What’s the ‘why’ exactly? Every client has different needs, and we want you to not only choose the best foiling process for them but also properly execute their color with a variety of different skillsets.

Don’t be a Tease...Paint (Hair) Precisely! Part 2

Color by Becky Miller

We’re back with color expert Becky Miller in part two of our hair-painting extravaganza. This week, she is going to show you all of her critical toning tips and tricks. Let’s be real guys…lifting someone’s color is only part of the fight. All of the serious color catastrophes can really happen at the shampoo bowl where you can quite literally lose the battle.

Don’t be a Tease...Paint (Hair) Precisely! Part 1

Color by Becky Miller

This week, we have super talented hair colorist Becky Miller with us and she is going show us her precise and easy-to-do hair painting technique. Becky actually combines a variety of unique methods to create an incredibly detailed color blend on her client that looks effortless and natural.

So an Updo and a Mohawk Walk into a Salon...

Styling with Matilde Campos

Matilde Campos has created iconic looks for super casual artists like Beyoncé and Iggy Azalea, LOL, so we knew that she would be the perfect person to show you some new and unique ways of approaching the updo. She’ll be showing you this updo technique on a curly haired model, but this look works beautifully on any hair type!

Mane Ivy has us “Throwing (Bronde) Shade”!

Color with Michelle Zeller…Part 2

Michelle Zeller is back for some more Bronding and this week she’s throwing some serious shade! In case you missed last week’s episode, Michelle added some beautiful highlights and lowlights to her client that had dark roots and grown out blonde. This week, she’ll be toning her girl right at the shampoo bowl in an extra special way.

“Bronde” the Mane (Ivy) Way!

Color with Michelle Zeller

We have Mane Ivy Colorist Michelle Zeller with us and she is going to show us the “Mane Way” to beautifully bronde up your clients. We are loving Michelle’s techniques because they are perfect for that client that has grown out blonde and darker roots; it’s a brilliant, low maintenance way to freshen up their look and keep their visits to the salon a lot less frequent.

Shatter the Breakage with a Lived in Bob

Cutting with Buddy Porter

We knew that this was the perfect opportunity to bring in cutting magician Buddy Porter to demonstrate how he dry cuts a super modern, lived in bob. He’s going to show us all of his favorite products and masks from Virtue Labs before taking us through every single one of his fabulous cutting techniques.