BCTV Episodes

The Price is Right...or is it?

Establishing your Worth with Gina Bianca

We brought in super stylist and finance aficionado Gina Bianca. She’ll be delving into the Three C’s of pricing. What are those, you ask? Confidence, Client Base, Consultation. She’ll be going over each “C” in great detail to help bring you closer to figuring out exactly what you should be charging your clients.

Light Up Those Ends with a Tease of Color

Color with Kim Bruce

Blonde Specialist, Kim Bruce with us, and she is going to share just how to “tease” and “feather” in a little bit of highlighting. What does that mean exactly? It’s a speedy and faultless way to light up a client’s blonde, brighten up those ends, and pop in a little color around the face.

Framing the Face with a Little Lace...of Blonde!

Color with Zoë Carpenter

This week, we have Joico’s very own Zoë Carpenter here with us and she’s going to shed some light on her innovative “lace front” color technique. What does that mean, exactly? Zoë creates the perfect blend of color around the entire frame of her client’s face with simple steps that are perfect for the salon.

Peekaboo Rainbow Pop Part 2

Styling with Kelsey Pebler

Kelsey is going to show you exactly how she positions and styles the hairband. Properly placing this kind of color scheme can be tricky, so we wanted to make sure that you guys would be perfectly versed on how to do it. She also uses unique styling techniques to blend the piece in with her model’s hair, creating a completely seamless effect.

Peekaboo Rainbow Pop

Color with Kelsey Pebler

Color expert, Kelsey Pebler is going to show us just how she adds a little dash of rainbow goodness without all the long-term commitment. How, you ask? Rainbow Lights of course! She will be taking us through her step-by-step process on how to properly execute this unique color skill on a Hairtalk Hairband.

FOILiage Your Way to Flawless Color!

Color with Jamie Dana

The perfect time to bring in color expert Jamie Dana! She is going to take you through her simple “FOILiage” method that works flawlessly on any client as well as share her unconventional “secret sauce” formulation.

Don’t Forget the Beard! Barbering Basics for the Modern Man (Part 2)

Barbering with Brandon Palmore

Brandon Palmore is back and will be taking us through all of his fundamental methods for properly doing a beard trim from how he assess his client’s needs to what kinds of tools he uses.

Low Fades and High Curls...Barbering Basics for the Modern Man (Part 1)

Barbering with Brandon Palmore

The very talented Brandon Palmore will show you some fresh barbering methods. In the first portion of this two-parter, he is going to walk you through exactly how he does a low skin fade as well as styling techniques to keep his client’s natural, wavy texture.

Cut & Color for our Beauty Coach Destination Education Winner! (Part 2)

Haircutting with Riawna Capri

Riawna is going cut and perfectly blend Liza’s new hair extensions. Riawna is going to show you some of her best cutting techniques including how she using texturizing shears for an entire haircut!

Cut & Color for our Beauty Coach Destination Education Winner! (Part 1)

Color by Nikki Lee

Our very own Nikki Lee is going to be coloring a very special guest…our Beauty Coach Destination Education Instagram winner from Palm Springs, Liza Edwards.

Social Strategies Just for Stylists!

With Jamie Dana

We’ve brought in the brilliant Jamie Dana and she is going to break down how to properly take advantage of social media so that it’s easier for you to utilize and so you can make it work for you!

KNOT Your Typical Elastic Braid

Hairstyling with Stephanie Brinkerhoff

Stephanie Brinkerhoff is back and she is going to braid her client in a KNOT so conventional way…she’s going to be using a series of unique techniques including knots, twists and elastics to achieve a beautiful braided look.

Get a Grip! Creating the Perfect Base for Any Updo

Styling with Stephanie Brinkerhoff

We have styling guru Stephanie Brinkerhoff with us and she is going to take us through her unique and easy to master styling techniques that will work for any client…even the one with TONS of hair.

Break the Rules and Layer Your Way to Strawberry Blonde

Color by Nikki Lee

Our darling Nikki Lee is back with us right here on BCTV and this week she’s taking her client from blonde to strawberry! Nikki is going to show you exactly how she ‘layers’ her way to the perfect tone.

The 2019 Lob…Revamped and Relevant

Haircutting With Travis Parker

We have the very talented Travis Parker with us and he’s going to show us exactly how he takes on the Lob to make it new and exciting and most importantly…FRESH!