BCTV Episodes

Fresh Start

Hair Color and Cut with Riawna Capri

We have our very own Riawna Capri here with us! She’s cutting AND coloring her curly haired client that hasn’t had her hair done in 3 years! Regardless of her client’s hair salon hiatus, she’s happy with her current look and just wants to freshen it up a bit.

40’s Hair with a Modern Flair

Creative Hairstyling with Ted Gibson

This week, we have the ultra talented Ted Gibson with us and he is going to reinvent 40s glamour by adding a modern twist.

Power Blonde!

Haircoloring with Sara Pestella

The very talented Sara Pestella is going to show us how she takes her clients from lived in color to power blonde! Her color techniques are perfect for that client that’s already blonde but hasn’t had a touch up on their color in a while.

Even Beauty Launchpad Gets a 901 Makeover (Part 2)

901 Makeover with Nikki Lee

Nikki is going to be doing a haircut with the extensions she already applied on Beauty Launchpad’s Alyson Osterman-Kerr! Nikki will be breaking down her cutting process and sharing all of the different techniques that she uses so that you can give your clients the best cut while keeping their hair perfectly intact.

Even Beauty Launchpad Gets a 901 Makeover

901 Makeover with Nikki Lee

Nikki will be making over Alyson Osterman-Kerr, executive editor of Beauty Launchpad! In this week’s episode, Nikki will be using extensions to add length as well as color to Alyson’s hair. This is great for your clients that want to change up their look without actually using color.

The Modern Pixie

Haircutting with Riawna Capri

Pixie cuts can certainly be scary, but we’re here to show you how to take this haircut on with confidence and give it a beautifully modern feel! To shed some light on this look, we have none other than our very own Riawna Capri!

Razor Sharp!

Haircutting with Matt Fugate

We will be covering some razor sharp haircutting! This is a skill that tends to be forgotten about…mostly because it’s an intimidating way to give someone a haircut. We want you to cut with confidence, so we have Matt Fugate with us who was voted the Best Razor Cut in NYC!

Blurred Lines

Blonde Hair coloring with Jill Buck

Jill Buck shows us how to do some serious root blurring! What does that mean exactly? It’s just a little magic trick that Jill cooked up to help keep your blondes bright without the hassle of doing a full highlight!

Backcomb Your Way to Flawless Color

Hair coloring with Amelia Fugitt

The super talented Amelia Fugitt is known for her flawless foils and is going to show us a blending technique that she calls “Platinum Placement.” She is also going to teach us how she backcombs her way through any hair-coloring situation!

Congrats Bob, You’ve Graduated!

Bob Technique Haircutting with Dj Muldoon

D.J. Muldoon, former educator/creator for Paul Mitchell has traveled all over the country teaching and we were lucky enough to snag him to demonstrate his serious technical cutting skills. He’s going to show us not one but TWO different bob techniques.

Gettin' Wiggy With It!

Wig styling with Dimitri Giannetos

Celebrity hairstylist Dimitri Giannetos is here with us this week and if anyone knows how to slay a wig, it’s him! Remember Meghan Trainor’s iconic pink hair moment? Well, that was a wig! Crazy, right? We had no idea either! It’s all about technique and application.

Brow Babes

A Beauty Coach Tip with Riawna Capri

Our very own Riawna Capri is here with us on BCTV to show you how to put your best brows forward! Being a Beauty Coach means going the extra mile to really make your client’s entire look come together, and that certainly includes their brows.

Confessions of a Hairstylist

Creative Stying with Jenny Strebe

Jenny Strebe, also known as Confessions of a Hairstylist, stopped by BCTV to share some of her newest styling inspiration. She literally has THOUSANDS of incredible tutorials on her Instagram and YouTube channel but created a very special signature Bohemian Rope Braid just for you!

The Nine Zero One Way: Part 2

Full Makeover with Nikki Lee

Are you ready to see how Nikki can take it to the next level? Nikki Lee shows us how she applies Kaitlyn’s extensions to create more volume throughout the top. With these methods you’ll be able to take your clients to the next level and you’ll have them looking and feeling their most fabulous!



Beauty Coach TV couldn’t help but bring in Nine Zero One’s very own Nikki Lee to show us her serious color skills and how she can completely transform a client’s color! In the first half of this two part series, she’ll be taking us through her consultation process, unique color application techniques, all the way through to the fab end result!