BCTV Episodes

Guiding a Client Through Hair Loss

Real Talk with Hannah Reid

Hair loss affects 27 million women and 40 million men every single year. The chance of someone sitting in your chair that’s suffering from some form of hair loss is quite high! We want to make sure that you guys are well informed, so we have Hannah Reid with us this week and she is Nine Zero One’s very own hair replacement specialist. Hair loss is an issue that is very near and dear to Hannah’s heart. She’s going to talk to you about the many different types of hair loss so you can provide knowledge as well as emotional support to your clients, especially when they’re in such a vulnerable state.

Excuse me, Can I be BLUNT?

Styling with Graham Nation

We have the very talented Graham Nation with us and he is going to show you how to add clip in extensions to create a fabulously blunt look. This style may look simple, but Graham’s intricate placement and application techniques are what make this look so successful and you definitely don’t want to miss all of his fab tips. He’ll be taking you through exactly how he applies the extensions as well as talk to you about how to select the best colors for the most natural look.

Minimize your Foils, Maximize your Highlights!

Color with Riawna Capri

This week, our very own Riawna Carpi is here with us on BCTV and she’s going to show you how to maximize that “partial” highlight and turn it into a fully reinvented color…with just 27 foils! She beat out her previous record of 30 foils, so you definitely don’t want to miss this demo. By the way…we say “partial” in quotes because let’s be real…more often then not your client will book their appointment thinking they need a slight touch up when in reality their regrowth requires a lot more time and effort.

From the Runway to Real Life

Styling with Caile Noble

We have super stylist Caile Noble with us and he’s going to show you a very modern take on the classic finger wave. Caile actually created this exact look for the Rodarte 2020 Spring/Summer collection! How fabulous is that? Hairstyles from fashion shows are a critical part of trend; it’s so important that as stylists we’re keeping it fresh and up to date!

Flawless and “Feathered” (Skinny Weft) Extensions

Cutting with Lena Reitz

When it comes to cutting and blending extensions, we are always down for some fresh techniques because this is something that we come face to face with on a regular basis. We never want to see where our clients’ hair ends and where their extensions start, so Lena’s innovative “feathering” methods are exactly what we were looking for! She uses her scissors in a very specific upward motion that creates a feathered, textured look and as a result the extensions are completely undetectable.

The Sunlit Brunette...Part 2

Color with Nikki Lee

Nikki is BACK! This week, she’s going to wrap up her sensationally sunlit brunette by showing you just how she goes about toning this look. The key here is to make sure that the ends pop while still transitioning seamlessly throughout the hair. In order to make that happen successfully, Nikki is actually going to use three different toners. She’ll also be covering a lot of common problems that can arise with these types of color techniques and how to work through them.

The Sunlit Brunette...Part 1

Color with Nikki Lee

Our very own Nikki Lee is here with us this week and she’s going to break down her ultra chic “sunlit brunette”. This is the iconic color that she created for none other than Lea Michele, and we are so here for it! It’s the perfect way to give your brunettes a pop of sunshine and a hint of dimension without creating a look that’s too highlighted or overly blonde.

Perfectly Multidimensional, Lived-in Color...Part 2

Color with Chris Weber Mirlach

We’re back right here on BCTV and this week is all about toning! To finish off his model’s look, Chris is going to be doing some root shadow, mid blending, some balayage, AND add a little extra pop of lowlight to maintain this fabulously multidimensional color. He actually uses several different toners throughout his model’s hair to achieve that seamlessly lived-in look.

Perfectly Multidimensional, Lived-in Color...Part 1

Color with Chris Weber Mirlach

This week, we have color expert Chris Weber Mirlach with us and he is going to show you how he creates seamlessly lived-in color. We’re obsessed with his approach because he truly transforms his brunette model by adding dimension and brightness without making her feel too blonde.

The Perfect Root Shadow Meets Flawless Toning...Part 2

Color with Kim Navarro

Kim is back! This week, she is going to show you how she finishes her balance foiling technique. We all know that a seamless root shadow can make or break a color and Kim is breaking down the basics of the 901 “Tap & Tone”. The goal here is to keep those highlights bright while allowing the lowlights to create shape and dimension.

Blonde vs Brunette, the Perfect Balance...Part 1

Color with Kim Navarro

Nine Zero One’s very own Kim Navarro is here with us this week and she’s going to show you just how she manages that client whose blonde has gotten a little, well, washed out. We’ve all been there, right?? She’ll be demoing her balancing foil technique which proves to be the perfect way to section out her client so she can bring in some rich lowlights for depth while adding a few highlights for balanced brightness.

Get REDdy with Schwarzkopf’s IGORA VIBRANCE!

Color with Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee is here to show you how to create the ultimate multidimensional red with none other than the magic of Schwarzkopf Professional! No one does red quite like they do, which is why we’re so beyond excited to share this episode with you. Nikki is going to start out by rooting her client’s base with Schwarzkopf Professional’s IGORA VIBRANCE before she adds some dimension with a little dash of their BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ and finishing off the look with a beautiful gloss.

Hidden Layers, Curtain Bangs, and Soft Blunt Texture!

Cutting with Chelsea Vonne James

This week, we have the very talented Chelsea Vonne James with us and she is going to show you how she softens up the iconic blunt cut to give it a fresh new look that has tons of texture and movement. Chelsea is going to do her entire cutting process on a mannequin head so she can take you through all of her tips as well as show you how to correct some common mistakes that can happen with this kind of style.

Back by Popular Demand...AGT Style Rings in 2020!

Styling with Jill Buck

Last week’s episode was soooo popular that we just had to bring you two more of Julianne Hough’s iconic AGT looks that we knew would be perfect for any NYE occasion. These looks were created on Jules by none other than our Nine Zero One girl, Jill Buck! The first look Jill is going to show you is the ultimate way to give a short haired babe a fashionable, textured pony that’s chic but also won’t break the bank.

America’s Got Talent and Julianne’s got STYLE!

Styling with Riawna Capri

Riawna Capri is going to show you some iconic looks that she created on the stunning Julianne Hough for America’s Got Talent. We thought that these looks would be perfect to try out on your clients just in time for the holidays! The first is a piecey, textured look; it’s a great alternative to beach waves that’s more polished and more connected.