5 Beauty Products To Brighten Your Mood


Bad days happen to the best of us. Whether we are going through something major or finding ourselves in a funk for no real reason, getting on with the day can be tough. That’s why we love these beauty tips for tricking our brain into thinking happy thoughts. We count on these products to lift us up when we are feeling down.



Something happens within when we put on a bright, bold red or pink lipstick. Not only does a strong lip elevate our look but it elevates our confidence, too.

Nail Polish


How many times do we catch a glimpse of our hands every day? Science has proven colors affect our mood, so we are all for painting our nails in perky colors, like yellow, fuchsia, or minty green.



Spritz on something energizing, with hints of grapefruit, peppermint, or jasmine for a sweet pick-me-up.



If a stressful day or lack of sleep is showing on our face, we kiss the tops of our cheeks, above and right below our brows, and in the inner corners of our eyes with a highlighter to appear well-rested and glowing with positivity.



A hint of rosiness to the cheeks is sometimes all it takes to make us look (and feel) a little less womp-womp.


Beauty Coach Team

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