5 Ways To Make Someone Feel Beautiful

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Everyone likes to feel beautiful and we believe there’s nothing more beautiful than making someone else feel beautiful. Lifting someone’s spirits only takes a few seconds from you yet it leaves a lasting impression on them. Your good intention doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. Giving good vibes can be as simple as a kind remark. Even if the topic is superficial, ie “I love the color of your dress!” your praise is sure to boost their confidence and make them feel great.

Compliment – Whether it’s a co-worker, your girl friend, or a stranger in the elevator, if you see something you like – say something! When we’re singing someone or something’s praise, we genuinely mean it. There’s no room for Regina George types around these parts. Compliments can come from any direction, obviously it’s not all about what’s on the surface. Everyone loves to be complimented on a brilliant idea or a job well done, too.

Smile – Resting bitch face is real. When you meet eyes with someone, why not give them a friendly face? We know for a fact smiles are contagious. Plus, it’s just a nice way of saying ‘hey – hope your day is good’ without saying a word at all.

Shout It Out – Rather than just ‘liking’ someone’s photo on social media leave a comment about his or her smile, their eyes, or simply say how beautiful or happy they look! Although admittedly we may blush at times, being publicly praised makes us feel extra special.

Gifts – When someone brings us flowers, a candle, or something sweet and thoughtful, it means they took time out of their day to make us happy – and that’s a pretty spectacular feeling. On the flip side, when we do the same for someone else, upon seeing the surprise in their eyes and smile on their face we know we’ve accomplished our goal to send their heart aflutter.

Write It Out – Words are everything when they come from the heart. We are big fans of a handwritten card. Emails and texts can send the same message but truly, it’s all about the delivery. We’d much rather find a surprise sticky note on the mirror that says, ‘I love you’ as opposed to receiving it in a text. Handwriting is personal and paper can be kept somewhere where the words can be treasured. Trust us on this one!

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The best part about making someone feel beautiful is they’ll remember the way you made them feel and in turn will be more likely to spread the beauty on to someone else.


Beauty Coach Team

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