Beauty Coach Retreat: Riviera Maya


We all work so hard and sometimes need to take a minute to recharge and take care of our bodies and minds. What better way to do that than to take a girls trip to Mexico! We really wanted this trip to be about loving ourselves, inspiring one another, and having fun. We hope this encourages you to get together with your girl friends, laugh a lot, relax, and most of all disconnect. Here’s what we did on our three day getaway:



Day 1:
We started our morning off with a lovely breakfast on the rooftop of our presidential suite. After we headed down to the yoga temple and had a private “Move” class by our very own Julianne Hough. Followed by a relaxing Vinyasa flow.


The Hard Rock set up cabana day beds on a private dock over looking the ocean, where we tanned snorkeled and swam with Piña Colada’s in hand!



Day 2:
After our ritual roof top breakfast and yoga we decide to take a quick car ride over to Tulum! Where we spent the day drinking Rosé and talking about our dreams for the future at Cilantro’s on the beach. We must say it was a perfect girls day!



Since we had a long day in the sun we decided to spend our evening in the spa, where we experienced hydrotherapy and synchronicity massage. Dreamy!

Day 3:
We just chilled! Hung out at the cabanas and fed the beautiful fish.



Couldn’t get enough of the spa, had to go back one last time before heading home. We double hydrated tonight by leaving our Oribe mask in our dried out beach hair while doing hydrotherapy.



As much as we love Mexico and it’s delicious cuisine, we switched it up and tried their Italian at Ciao. We ended up having a four hour dinner full of pasta, red wine, and talking about relationships.


In the end, turning off the service, reading a book, and being in the present, really helped rejuvenate us to get back to reality and do our best.


“Wherever we are, it’s our friends that make our world”


Vacay Favs!
squad1. “Squad” Hoodie
selfie2. “90% Selfie” Tank
rose3. “Rosé” Bikini Cover
beach4. The Beach People
lorsun4. L’Oreal Sunscreen
evian6. Facial Spray
fresh7. Lip Treatment
biooil8. Bio Oil
mayaswim9. Maya Swim Wear
pilyq10. Pilyq Swim
bag11. Duffle Bag
bracelet12. Kind Campaign Bracelet

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