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When you get the homepage of the BeYOUtiful Foundation’s website, the purpose is stated clearly; “Providing hope, resources, and a path to feeling beYOUtiful. A community committed to women of all ages defying the odds against cancer.” The mission of the BeYOUtiful Foundation is to connect salons and stylists to local survivors, and to provide online education for cutting, styling, utilizing wigs, and dealing with chemo hair. Their promise to you is that they are with you for you from your diagnosis to remission and beyond.

On Sunday, August 5th, we were able to be a part of the BeYOUtiful Foundation’s first ever charity event at Nine Zero One Salon. Stylists donated their time to providing free haircuts for cancer survivors and current fighters, while supporters of the foundation got haircuts for $150 that went directly to the foundation.

Upon walking into the reception area, we were greeted by the front desk staff with smiles and high energy. We were then brought upstairs into the main salon area where there were tables of sandwiches, salads, desserts, wine, water, and an array of delicious snacks. Right around the corner on the main floor, there were Nine Zero One stylists set up at every station with countless assistants ready and available to help, a DJ, a raffle table, and an area with t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other BeYOUtiful merch for sale. Dr. Carrie Schwartz, whose mother passed away from cancer last year, donated her time to give chiropractic massages, Nine Zero One’s manicurist Chi Phan gave polish changes, and celebrity makeup artist Chauntal Lewis was on hand to top off your new due with a fresh face of makeup. It felt like a place that you may have dreamed of where you were younger – every person in Nine Zero One made you feel like a princess no matter your age.

While walking by stations, grabbing food or a drink, or even checking out downstairs, stories were being told. Two women who began their cuts as strangers told their stories of fight and survival with each other and their stylists, all of whom were moved to tears. Once the cuts were finished, the women got up and hugged each other with a familial kind of love. They understood each other, and although they were strangers, they have a bond that runs deep. We were able to chat with one of the stylist assistants, Sarah Klein, who said “While giving shampoos and blow-drying, I was able to get to know the women who came in for cuts, and to hear the stories of those who are in the fight, have survived, or are supporting the fight of friends and family. It was really cool and felt amazing to give back to these women and their family and friends.”

Down at the front desk, women shared why this event had meant so much to them, as some were brought to tears as they shared the experience of not only getting an incredible haircut, but how amazing it is get to be a part of a foundation that not only creates an awareness and education, but can provide something tangible for those it supports. While talking with one of the three founders of the BeYOUtiful Foundation, Matt Coulter, he shared his simple reason for why he and the other founders, Nine Zero One Salon owners Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee, wanted to have an event like this.

“I think that this is perfect way to create and build community, and to give back to the community that we’re trying to support.”

Matt went on to say this his greatest hope for the BeYOUtiful foundation is that it would eventually be a household name. He truly believes that as other salons across the country and the world take advantage of the education that BeYOUtiful provides, more community will be built as local salons connect with their local cancer survivors, fighters, and supporters.

As the day came to a close, the energy was still high. The DJ was spinning, and Rosė was still being poured. Later on as the lights were shut off, the doors were locked, and the valet lot emptied, you could still feel the joy coming from a long but incredible day at Nine Zero One. After a good night’s sleep, Nine Zero One owners Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee were able to reflect on the day.

“Yesterday was filled with so much love and support from everyone near and far, and you could feel that energy throughout the salon,” Riawna shared with an enthusiasm that matched that of yesterday. “Our stylists really thrived, as it was nice to feel like we really made a difference- not only to hopefully make a change in our industry and push other salon owners to do the same, but to actually make each person that sits in your chair feel beautiful by simply doing what you love to do.”

Nikki then shared the perspective that she gained throughout the day with a joy and a twinkle still in her eye.

“Yesterday I was reminded how big of an impact my craft actually has. Something as simple as a haircut can completely change the way a person feels about themselves. My heart is full knowing that I was able to give these women who have been battling cancer confidence and joy. Yesterday was a beautiful day spent with my beYoutiful family.”

For more information about the BeYOUtiful Foundation, how to utilize their resources, donate, and how to connect with community programs, head to, and follow them on Instagram @beyoutiful_foundation.

“The feeling is immeasurable. We hope to play an important part in these beautiful people’s lives, and have the privilege to help them to feel amazing again. I’m honored to be one of many taking on that role.”
-Riawna Capri, Owner of Nine Zero One Salon

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