Face Haus: Your New Favorite Bar

Everyone loves a good facial, and even if you’ve never had one, you’ve probably dreamt about getting one. What stops so many from even looking into getting a facial is the typically unbelievably high price. We all know the importance of self-care, especially the value of taking care of our skin, and we think we’ve found the perfect place for those wanting to be price conscious, but experience the luxury of an incredible facial.

A few years ago, founders Karey Burke, Dawn Olmstead, and Jenn Worley took their daughters to get teen facials. With each facial costing $150, they thought to themselves and shared with each other, “Who can afford this on a regular basis?” The results were incredible, but about a month later the girls’ pores were clogged, and their skin was in need of a second facial. They were chatting one day, and talked about how great it would be if there was a place to get a quality facial for the price of a mani-pedi, like a Drybar for facials. After doing research to try and find out why facials were so expensive, they learned that the cost of the ingredients, even when using the highest quality of products, was very little. Karey, Dawn, and Jenn started dreaming of their open plan concept that had a fresh and modern Scandinavian design, dreams led to planning and creating, world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Lancer came on board to be the exclusive consulting physician to Face Haus, and the dream became a reality.

Last week, we were able to celebrate the launch of Face Haus’s newest location in the new USC Village. The launch party was held at the restaurant, Faith and Flower, located in downtown Los Angeles, and four tables of writers, influencers, publicists and skincare professionals came together to hear from the founders. While speaking to Karey Burke she told us, “We just believe that everyone should have the opportunity to take care of themselves, especially of their faces, and by offering affordable facials at the same cost of a mani-pedi, we are able provide that experience with the same quality of the more recognizable names with the same exact same equipment.” The Face Haus signature facials start at just $65, with a number of add-ons to meet the specific needs of the customer, and specific facials geared towards men and teens as well. Face Haus truly has something for everyone, and you can find the location nearest you here.

Beauty Coach Team

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