Gym Bag Essentials!

Here at Beauty Coach, we’ve told you what kinds of workouts we love. But we have yet to tell you about our gym bag favorites! Although it would be great to just hit the gym or go on a hike without prepping and making sure that you’re absolutely ready—sadly, we can’t do that. Making sure that you’re prepared can really be the difference between hurting your health, and furthering it.

The first gym bag essential we want to always stress is a water bottle. Staying hydrated is a MUST in any workout. Not only is it smart to stay hydrated in general. But when you’re doing more than your average everyday commute, it’s always smart to replace the water that you’re sweating out. Most gyms have water fountains that you can drink from. But it’s best to try and not rely on that, especially if you’re working out outside. We recommend using a S’well Water Bottle, which is insulated to keep your liquids cold (or hot!) for 12-24 hours!

Next, don’t forget your deodorant! It helps to keep you dry and not to mention, masks the smell of body odor during your workout. Using products like Degree’s MotionSense Active Shield Dry Spray Antiperspirant and Deodorant is great because it works as hard as you do and is so lightweight. No one wants clogged pores or white residue…yuck! It gets the job done, without any of the terrible side effects.

Also, make sure to have some moisturizing products. Working out means sweat and air resistance. Which basically means that:
a.) water is going to evaporate off your skin, leaving it dry
b.) your lips and skin are going to get super chapped—leading to skin breakage.
So here at Beauty Coach, we recommend always carrying some lotion and lip balm. Try products like NIVEA Crème and DHC’s Lip Cream!

Finally, we always recommend bringing the right types of shoes. Depending on what type of workout you do, your shoe support is essential in making sure that you don’t do damage to your joints and muscles. For those that are into a lightweight versatile workout, we recommend the Nike Free Run Flyknit 2 Running Shoe, which has the needed support for running long distances, but is also able to be used while lifting weights or for the everyday commute!

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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