Kiss Those Chapped Lips Goodbye


If you’re anything like us, these winter months can be brutal on our lips. They can be dry, cracked, split, or chapped causing us pain and annoyance. Our lips tend to dry out because they don’t have a lot of oil in them unlike our skin. Plus when they feel dry, we tend to lick or bite our lips, thus creating the downward spiral of our poor little pouts getting more and more chapped. Here are two ways to you can fight unwanted lip dryness this winter season.


Exfoliate: A lip scrub may not always feel the best, but it’s important to rid your lips of any dead skin. There are tons of different exfoliating options, some of which you can find in your kitchen cabinets! Sugar scrubs tend to be the most popular as sugar granules are less harsh than salt. Also sugar is a more pleasant taste if you happen to get a little in your mouth. There are tons a recipes but all tend to be a sugar and an oil. We do have a few favorite products that you can’t find in your kitchen, but we adore just the same. A very wallet friendly lip scrub is by the brand ELF and is in the shape of a lipstick, making application a snap. We also love the lip scrubs you can find at Lush. We love that their products are fresh, handmade, and always cruelty free! Plus their lip scrubs come in some fun flavors including popcorn and bubblegum!


Moisturize: This part seems fairly obvious, but we want to share a few of our favorite products with you. Most lip scrubs do have a moisturizing agent to them but we still recommend following up with a favorite lip moisturizer. One of our favorite products to apply after exfoliating is Bite Beauty’s agave lip mask. This is an ultra nourishing leave on treatment that we swear by! Another favorite is the sugar lip treatments by the brand Fresh, which has a great selection to fit your needs. Some are intense moisture, some also have a tint to them, and they also have one that’s anti-aging! All of their lip treatments make your lips smooth as silk and truly repair any cracked or chapped issues.

Get smooth, plump, kissable lips with these products, and love your lips all year long!

Beauty Coach Team

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