Let Them Gush…About YOU.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is the ability to take a compliment. Let yourself be admired! Let them gush over you! Let yourself wear a sparkly crown! Accept compliments graciously, but accept them.

So often we hear beautiful words be dismissed with a self deprecating comeback. “Oh, you think I’m beautiful? Well, I would be if I lost ten pounds.” Nope. This ends here and now. The proper response to any kindness from here forward will be a smile and a, “Thank you.” We at Beauty Coach decree it.

Being able to accept compliments is a big deal. It taps into the bigger condition of accepting good things in general and receiving good energy from the powers that be. It’s a door we should all prop open and learn to indulge. The more you accept the more you receive.

Words are more powerful than we often give them credit for and learning to receive and accept the good ones is as important as sending the good ones out into the world.

Allowing ourselves to graciously accept compliments is self love 101. It’s the cornerstone for letting nice things happen to us. We must deem ourselves worthy of others affection and kindness and accept that we deserve the praise.

Make it a game. Play like your soul depends on it…cause it kind of does. Give yourself a little gift every time you allow yourself to accept kind words. A cookie? A new shade of lipgloss? Whatever your heart desires. Treat yo self!

Kind words are also a beautiful way to pay it forward to others. It feels so damn good to have someone recognize that awesome hair day you’re having or admire your eclectic wardrobe choice on a Monday morning. A word of praise for a job well done at work can make you feel like Beyonce on tour. Let’s pay that feeling forward. See a gal walking down the street with a great pair of shoes? TELL HER. Did your co-worker just kill it on their presentation? TELL THEM. Has someone inspired you by the way they live their life. SAY IT.

The more we can weave kindness to ourselves and others into the fabric of this world, the more we bring a little more light into life. Be the change you want to see if the world, right? So let that change be accepting kindness and dishing it right back out.

Onward and upward!

The Beauty Coach Team

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