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Here at Beauty Coach, we know how summer goes. With the longer days, warmer weather, and lazier attitude, it’s hard to stay motivated when it comes to being healthy. But summer time is actually the best time to get into shape. With less commitments and less stress, summer is definitely the time to recoup and make sure that you’re prepared for the harder months that are sure to come. So here at Beauty Coach, we have a few simple tips that you can incorporate into your every day life in order to keep your mind and body healthy!

1. Eat lots of fruit
A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mind and body. Improve your diet by implementing more fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, and bananas, which will help you get the antioxidants you need. Berries also lowers cholesterol too! Try blending up your berries into a smoothie to drink each morning, and don’t forget to add leafy greens as well!

2. Floss, brush, and swish!
This one might seem a little weird (and obvious) but don’t forget to floss daily, twice a day! Brush your teeth, and use some mouthwash. Taking care of your teeth doesn’t just improve oral hygiene. It helps improve overall body health as well! When bacteria in your mouth is low, your body can fight bacteria in other places, helping to keep your immune system strong.

3. Exercise
Here at Beauty Coach, we’re strong advocates of exercising and staying active. Whether or not it’s doing yoga in your living room, going on a hike with some friends, going to a theme park, swimming, or hitting the gym: be sure to stay active during the day so that your body stays in tip top shape. We recommend working out with friends so that way you stay motivated and accountable.

4. Sleep
Yes, it’s summer, and that means no commitment to getting up in the early mornings. However, sleep is essential to staying healthy. Avoid napping and instead try to get a full eight hours of sleep a night. Get into a routine of sleeping at the same time so that way it puts less stress on your body! Also, don’t forget that although sleep is good, too much of a good thing, isn’t such a good thing. Be sure not to oversleep, as it can lead to grogginess and be pretty rough on the body.

Beauty Coach Team

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