My #InstaCleanse

Hello! Riawna Capri here! I’m one of the co-founders of Beauty Coach, and I recently had such a great eye opening experience that I wanted to share with as many people willing to listen, or well, read. Haha. So here it goes…

April 11, 2018, I decided to go on an #InstaCleanse, which meant deleting Instagram from my phone. I thought just for a bit, maybe a week max, and my girlfriend Morgan did as well. I didn’t do it because I was upset or angry about anything, it was more because of ‘time’ and just to see what would happen. I noticed how much time I was spending scrolling on people I don’t even follow, how much time I put into posting every day, and how much time I took to take that perfect photo. And mostly, how much time I spent overthinking and writing those perfectly said comments. Well, my 1 week break some how turned into 2 without me even realizing that, and I have to tell you, it has been beyond amazing.

The craziest part though, was the first 72 hours. My thumb naturally went to click the app, which my brain KNOWS is no longer there. Wtf!? If I know Instagram is gone, WHY is my thumb going to click it? That part tripped me out. A lot. It was like some sort of uncontrollable mind control! Weird. I also realized how much I use Instagram as a google search or explaining things to people “let me show you their Insta, oh wait, I don’t have it… let me see your phone”. Haha. Other than the crazy thumb control and lack of a google search, the rest of the 2 weeks have really been amazing. Morgan and I talk to each other more VS sitting next to each other and scrolling-scroll-doubletap-scroll. I used to complain about how fast the days go by, and I swear to you, my days feel like they have gotten longer. I took 3 pictures because I wanted to capture the memory instead of taking 28 pictures to get the best picture, with the best angle, and the best light, to post it. I texted my friends to see what they were doing, instead of just double tapping their pics. I have no idea what happened at Coachella, didn’t see one picture about Coachella, and I don’t feel like I missed anything. Ha!

A day after I deleted the app, one of the most incredible things happened, my best friend Nikki had a baby. April 13, 2018. I have to say, waiting for the baby to come for 24 hours in a hospital without Instagram was definitely a shift in patience, ha. But I made more eye contact and conversations with my closest people, the ones I call family. Days after the baby arrived, I had a lot of friends wondering, “is everything ok with the baby?”. Confused, I replied, “yes, why?”, and they (as in, many more than one) replied “well you didn’t post about it and neither did Nikki, so I got worried.” What made me so sad about this, is that because it wasn’t posted right away, naturally (or mind control) everyone’s brain went to “something must be wrong” VS “they must be enjoying time with their new little one”…… sad, right? But, that’s the way the world works right now, if it’s not posted about, it must not have happened or something must have gone wrong. Craziness.

Unfortunately for my work, I can’t stay off Instagram forever. And honestly, nor do I really even want to. Instagram isn’t bad, it’s just learning how to control how much time we are all spending on it. And exactly what we are even wasting our time looking at!? Videos of some weird slime getting mixed with super colorful glitter with some random person’s fingers who didn’t even get a manicure before they started filming this homemade video? When I write it down like that, I don’t know WHY I even stopped to watch it, let alone watched it start to finish! ??‍♀️ #embarrassing, ha.

I’m not here to bash Instagram, or to tell everyone to delete the app, Instagram is not going away and is a strong force of the future. We just all need to learn how to control our screen time. I’m here to tell you my little story, in hopes that it might inspire you to want to control your screen time as well. And I honestly don’t even think I knew I wanted to control my screen time, until now.

Try 24 hours without it. Try a weekend. Try 1 week. Just see how it feels. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. And let me tell you, it’s a GREAT conversation starter when you say, “I’m on an InstaCleanse”, haha, because 1) nobody knows what that is 2) everyone, and I mean everyone, is like “ooohhh, I should do that too sometime”.

So now what? For me, I’m going to keep Instagram off of my main home screen, I’m going to turn my notifications off, no more laying in bed and double tapping, and no more sitting next to my loved ones and scrolling. I’m going to keep my head up (literally) and stop to smell the roses in front of my face. All we have is NOW, and I’m not going to waste my NOW with my head down.

Xx, R

  1. Hi Riawna, everything you wrote sounds good 🙂 and most of all for people who are constantly on the phone. I also sometimes want instead of digging through Instagram to read a book or something else quite useful :). Anyway, I’m glad I do not look at the phone and click when I’m out with friends and I’m chatting and I’m interested in the conversation. (Some friends, however, keep on looking at the phone) My work is also tied to the Internet not exactly to instagram and I always have a phone or similar device on hand 🙂 . In that order of thought, I will decrease double click and will read a book, it’s interesting to test for 1 month and see the results. Wish u all good 🙂

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