Nature’s Negative Ions = Positive Vibes


The ocean:
We live in an unprecedented time where our senses are bombarded daily and overstimulated with the bing, buzz, like, comment, update, tweet of modern urban existence.

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much we need an escape, a break, a respite from it all until we find ourselves randomly in a space of silence and peace…and then we awaken to the reality that we crave it…that nothingness.

If you haven’t been in the ocean in a while the first thing you realize when you enter is that you cant take anything with you…

Leaving all those gadgets on the beach allows you take space for yourself. You are no longer tethered to an email thread or a bored perusing of Instagram. You have a legitimate excuse for why you cant answer your phone or respond to a text.

The second thing you realize is that your senses sharpen because you are required to be present. In a primal sort of way you HAVE TO be in the moment. You are out of your element here in this blue expanse that is as threatening as it is inviting. Even though our bodies are more than sixty percent liquid, we can’t survive in it without a conscious effort to do so…and the ocean changes from moment to moment. You have to learn to time the waves, to see them coming in a way that becomes instinct. You have to understand that they come in sets, that wind and currents and what’s under that water affect how the waves will form and break. It’s not about fighting the ocean for survival, it’s about finding the connection and the respect for its moods, its inhabitants and its strength.

It’s been a while since most of us have consciously had to use skills to survive in nature.

Modern surfing is comfortable. We wear thick suits when it’s cold, ride beautifully made boards and have the luxury of apps and websites to tell us when and where the waves are. But once you’re out in the water, it’s still just you and your instincts. There is something exhilarating in feeling the salt on your skin, holding your breath as you dive through waves and moving against the currents by your own strength. As women, we are historically less often invited into this space, but we’ve always entered, felt the kinship with the elements and created our place among them. Maybe the songs of mermaids and sirens of yore are still in there deep in our souls.


For those of us who regularly venture into the waves, the experience is cathartic and cleansing. It’s scientifically proven that being submerged in water has a positive effect on the human body.

We do it because we are drawn to it to start our day with a communion, to end our day with a natural rhythm, to wash away our stress, to still our mind…and to honor the connection with nature that exists in every one of us.

That’s a little heartfelt love letter to the ocean. We were inspired to put pen to paper about surfing and being in the brine. Now here is the science behind why it feels so good and why you should take a wander in nature when you need a little pick me up.

Natural spaces like the ocean, mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and beaches have a high concentration of negative ions. Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge and in this case negative is actually positive. Follow? These happy ions are created in nature as the air molecules split with the energy of moving water, air, sun and even the dynamic action of thunderstorms.


Negative ions enhance our mood, stimulate our senses, relieve stress, boost levels of the ultimate feel good chemical serotonin, help lessen symptoms of depression, improve appetite and sex drive, provide relief from all kinds of allergies and ailments and even help the body’s natural healing process from injuries. That’s a whole lotta positive vibes.

Now please excuse us while we toss our surfboard, tent and hiking boots in the car for some negatively charged positivity. We’ll see you out there!

Beauty Coach Team

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  1. I have to agree Kinga, I’ve personally experienced healing directly through spending a lot of time in the ocean. I really prefer warm tropical water. I’m not sure if it’s simply because it’s warmer, but the salinity seems higher when I was swimming in warmer water, like the Mediterranean or someplace like Ixtapa/Zihuatanjeho.
    It definitely improves my mood, but I have also noticed that a bumb shoulder healed more quickly and stopped aching when I spent time in the ocean. Sadly I don’t live close to the ocean, so I really appreciate it when I can go there on my travels.

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