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We here at Beauty Coach LOVE a good party – but we know that throwing one can be downright daunting. Décor, food, mood, oh my! And when the guest of honor is your main squeeze? The. Pressure. Is. On

But it’s worth it. Because making someone feel like a queen for a day can have a positive impact on their whole vibe – and we’re all about making people feel amazing! So, when the time came for us to throw a shower for our very own Nikki Lee, Co-Owner of Nine Zero One Salon, we didn’t want to take any chances; we went straight to the experts at Pow Wow Design Studios.

Because we get that sometimes you need a specialist. And Pow Wow specializes in throwing events from the heart: Events that are both unique and unforgettable. And that’s just the sort of event that we want to be a part of – and one that we want to help to throw, too!

Here, Melissa Strukel, Owner, Designer & Visionary at Pow Wow Design Studios, shares her inside tips and tricks for creating an occasion that’s both authentic and memorable, plus inspiring and transformative. Read on to find out how just how Pow Wow does it – and you just might be spearheading your very own extraordinary event!

Step 1: Set a goal

Oftentimes, getting started on an event can be the toughest part of the job. Melissa recommends looking at it from a broader perspective – don’t focus on the minute details in the beginning. “Know your demographic, your budget, and set a goal for the overall experience you want your guests to have,” she suggests.

Step 2: Make it your own

“To thine own self be true:” These are words to live by. And when throwing a party, it’s great to keep them in mind. Make sure that your events vibe represents the guest of honor! And although this might seem tricky, Melissa uses some simple techniques to make sure that she nails it, every time. “I like to get to know my client’s style,” she confirms. And although she’s a fan on Pinterest, she strays away from using the site as a party-planning crutch. “Pinterest is a wonderful tool,” says Melissa, “but I find that (with events) it’s easy for people to get wrapped up with the latest trend, theme or DIY project.”

Instead, she dives a little deeper, using music, lifestyle and fashion cues as a springboard for Pow Wow’s custom events. “I much prefer to get to know and understand my client’s outside of events. What kind of music do they like? Where do they like to travel? What’s their personal style – and what style do they love but don’t feel daring enough to pull off. This gives me a baseline for creating an event.” In this way, Pow Wow’s events are “based on an authentic representation, rather than a trend or theme.”

Step 3: Set the vibe

Whether you’re looking to achieve an on-point lounge area, or you want an event that’s subtly styled throughout, Pow Wow proffers up some killer options. We think that it’s this point of difference that sets them apart.

Melissa confirms that each events furnishings are unique. “It depends on the event, and what the ultimate goal is! For example, she adds, “some events need a focal point and others are styled to make it feel as though nothing was ever brought in – as if it was all just born there.”

And when you’re planning, remember to be realistic about the amount of time and money that you’d like to invest in your event. “Sometimes we style an event at a location and guests think the space just always looks like that. It’s easy to style focal points and themes but it’s much more difficult to style a space and create an overall experience for guests to flow through.”

At the end of the day, Melissa stresses the importance of really listening to your guest of honor. Her interpretation of Nikki’s vision was spot on – but getting it right required her to read between the lines.

“When I met with Nikki, it was clear that she was drawn to fresh colors and clean lines, with a bit of glam and playfulness. She didn’t want to go too Boho, so I went with pink and white with pops of metallic gold, black and indigo.” Because Nikki isn’t overly formal, Melissa created chill areas for guests to kick back, relax – and enjoy the day. The event felt just right, and it was a great representation of Nikki and her personal aesthetic.

Though planning an event can feel overwhelming, following the right guidelines can help to simplify things. Throughout the process, never forget your end-goal: To create an occasion that’s eclectic yet charming, relaxed, yet utterly memorable.

Beauty Coach Team

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