Perfectly Pampered Pouts


Dry air on planes, cold weather climates, sun and dehydration all wreak havoc on our lips. “I want my pout to be more cracked and dry,” said no one ever…especially no-one at Beauty Coach. Soft, sultry kissable lips are what they write songs and poetry about! Think back to the days of Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. Supple perfection! Lets bring back those glorious lips.

At Beauty Coach we are firm believers that chapstick is a must…especially loaded with natural emollients and heavenly smells. But, alas, the good stuff can be quite spendy. A nice organic stick will set you back between four and twelve dollars. At our rate of consumption that equals out to a compact automobile every few years.

So here’s the Beauty Coach DIY version….organic, fast, plentiful…and makes great gifts! Plus you get to feel three parts Martha Stewart and one part mad scientist.

Ingredients (Use organic):


*1 part beeswax (1 tablespoon. Add more if you like it firmer)
*2 parts shea and/or cocoa butter (2 tablespoons)
*2 parts coconut oil (2 tablespoons)
10-20 drops of essential oil of choice (optional). We like Eucalyptus for it’s marvelous smell and anti inflammatory properties.

1. Put about an inch of water in a small pot. Turn on medium heat.
2. Place a small glass jar in the water. Don’t splash water into the jar.
3. Place all ingredients except the essential oils inside the jar and slowly melt. Stir occasionally.
4. When all ingredients are melted turn off heat. Keep the jar in the water to keep it warm.
5. If you want to add essential oils, drop in 10-20 drops.
6. Use a glass dropper to fill the jars or tubes. (you can repurpose a dropper from face serums).
7. The chapstick will settle so top it off after a few minutes.
8. Hand out to friends, hide under your pillow, throw in your purse.


Mixing your own lip delights is definitely one way to spend a Friday night, but we get it if you have other plans. For those moments when you’re too busy to DIY we have a backup plan. First a little honey and sugar scrub to polish that pucker to perfection. We like the natural ingredients of Polish from Savor Beauty. And the chapstick of choice we love when not making our own….drumroll please…Badger Lip Balm. Silky, smooth and loaded with almost the same delicious ingredients as the DIY version.

Who’s ready to whisper sweet nothings? YOU!

Beauty Coach Team

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