Power Product: Castor Oil


Everyone loves finding a great beauty product that can do more than just one thing, i.e. the perfect hairspray that gives you volume and hold, or a moisturizer that also helps with anti-aging. What if we told you there was a product that can do 10+ things for you, and that it’s all natural! Believe it or not, the answer to several of your beauty concerns can be addressed by one powerful little product, castor oil!

First off, what even is castor oil? Castor oil is a type of vegetable oil that comes from the seeds of the castor oil plant. It’s color varies from clear to yellowish and has a thick consistency. Look for 100% castor oil and you can find it in dropper, bottle or spray form. Some are even sold with mascara wands or small brush wands like Barebody Organic Castor Oil. This is because castor oil is amazing for your brows and lashes! Castor oil promotes hair growth and is very nourishing, making it perfect to get thick, full brows. You can skip out on all the chemical lash serums, and instead use natural castor oil to grow longer eyelashes.


Since castor oil helps to stimulate hair growth, it’s also a great hair loss remedy. Many of us have thinning hair or just fine hair around our temples. Try massaging the oil around your hairline to help promote fuller, thicker hair. Here at Beauty Coach, we love using the ultra rich Blue Magic Organics Castro Oil to nourish our cuticles and give us soft lips and hands! Try keeping a small bottle at your work desk or on your nightstand, and you will surely fall in love! While your at it, massage some on your feet for softer skin and to help rid dry/calloused skin.


This miracle oil can also help with all sorts of skin issues too! Castor oil is known to reduce stretch marks and help fade scars. Many scar reduction creams have castor oil as the main ingredient. Some even say it works as an anti-aging ingredient by helping fade wrinkles. As with anything you put on your face, we recommend talking with your doctor or dermatologist first.

Nature is filled with amazing beauty remedies. Whether your concern is big or small, castor oil might be the answer you’re looking for.

Beauty Coach Team

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