Practicing Gratitude This Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving was the time to spend with family, eat far too much food, and to share the things in life we are thankful for. Here at Beauty Coach we want to share some ways to reflect on life and be grateful everyday! And what better time to start this practice than a holiday focused on family and giving thanks.

The famous turkey day has been focused around food for countless years. And while we couldn’t get wait for Grandma’s pumpkin pie or Dad’s famous turkey, we want to encourage you to refocus your thoughts this holiday season. Take time after dinner (or before you fall into your after dinner nap) and go around the table to share one thing you are grateful for. Elaborate on why you are grateful and the conversation will surely be uplifting and memorable.

Another way to focus on gratitude is to write it down. Writing something down makes it tangible; you can visually see it. You can make it into a craft for everyone to participate in, or you can simply write a list. It’s so important to take a step back from life and think about the things (and people) that truly matter. It’s a great practice to start, especially entering Christmas time which can become very materialistic. We encourage you to ask your family members what the are thankful for. And you, yourself take time to focus on the blessings of life.

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Begin each day with thanks and gratitude. Life will be much more positive when you focus on the good.

Beauty Coach Team

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