Rise and Shine / Rise and Grind


Mornings are tough. Waking up early, struggling to get out the door on time, while also looking great? Sometimes it feels impossible. We think creating a morning routine will help those early days much more bearable and maybe even enjoyable!


Give yourself a moment to cherish. When there’s a part of your morning you truly enjoy, the rest of your routine isn’t so bad! If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, make that YOUR moment. Savor each sip, get a special mug, and wake up more positive. If you like reading, take some time each morning to read out on the porch or in your favorite, cozy chair. Whatever makes your mornings a little less grumpy, turn that into a sanctuary time.


One of the hardest parts about mornings is actually getting out of bed. Making sure you go to bed and wake up at the same time can help immensely. Your body recognizes routine and responds well to it! When you go to bed and wake up about the same time each day, waking up becomes much easier. And when it’s easier to wake up, you’ve already won half the battle of mornings.

There are so many ways to make mornings more enjoyable. Listen to your favorite music, stretch or exercise, let natural light in, think about what you’re going to accomplish that day, enjoy a cup or coffee or tea, and so much more! Find what works best for you and gives you a little morning oasis.
Cheers to the morning and making it a time you can cherish!

Beauty Coach Team

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