The Wing…A Women Only Co-Working Space

The Wing is officially coming to Los Angeles! For those that don’t know, The Wing is a network and community space designed for women.

“The Wing’s mission is the professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women through community…the act of coming together as women creates new opportunities, ideas, and conversations…”

The Wing is coming to West Hollywood this month, and already has locations established in New York and Washington DC. With supporters’ like Jennifer Lawrence, Hillary Clinton, Emma Watson, and more: The Wing not only provides an Instagram worthy gathering space, it’s so much more! The Wing offers women a chance to create community and opens doors for opportunities; as well as serves as a safe space for women to support one another. Applying for a membership as part of this exclusive club is simple, and easy. For $215 a month, The Wing offers amenities like wifi, workspace, library, conference rooms, beauty rooms, speaker events and much more!

Clubs like The Wing inspire us to find our own community. If $215 a month is too pricy for you, try holding study nights or brainstorm afternoons with your own group! Find people who have the same interests as you, and surround yourself with people who are motivated. Most importantly, make sure that this community can serve as a support system that’s just as passionate about your success as you are about theirs. There’s too much competition amongst society, and within our own every day groups, so make sure that the people that you build a future with are those that will help you grow as a person. Always remember that life isn’t a race to the finish line, it’s a slow jog with others who pick you up when you fall over.

Not only that, but making this community fun and productive should be your goal! Set out a day of the week that can be a girls’ night, or an industry based hang out. Whatever it is, this community can only help you! Try even buying some Pinterest worthy decorations and make it official. Just remember to have fun, and always keep a positive outlook: a community is all about support and understanding, so be sure that you’re going in with an open mind as well.

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Julie Vu


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