Tips For Travel Junkies and Boss Ladies…


Travel is fantastic. It’s magical, eyeopening and inspiring. And as you boss ladies know, it can also be exhausting and leave you in need of a serious recharge. At Beauty Coach, our goal is to help you navigate business travel with some fancy footwork and much needed R&R.

The secret joy of traveling for work is that, at some glorious point, you will be left delightfully all alone. Nap? Sure! Throw on your silk eye mask with organic lavender and get to it.

Room service? Bring on the champagne and truffle everything! Hot bath? Absolutely…bubbles please! We love the ultra lush and all natural bath bombs by Sky Organics…and they don’t count against your liquids when you travel!

But first…why not clear the mind with a little extra curricular activity to reset the system from work mode to downtime.


Nature…Does a Body and Mind Good

Nature is our happy place and we seek it out like a magpie looking for shiny things. Nothing says zen like a little green. The good news is that even the most urban locations generally have something nature oriented nearby. A park, a beach, a lake, a marina…even a small garden to “pocket-picnic” in will do in a pinch. Pocket-picnic is our term for any food you can successfully place in your purse or pocket and carry to a pretty location.

Wherever your business travels might take you always pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes, one fitness outfit, sunblock and a swimsuit. When you find yourself with a bit of extra time and in need of switching your brain from work to play, take a look at this website:

Type in your location and it will provide a tantalizing assortment of nearby parks, natural areas, nature centers and even museums, aquariums and observatories.

If you want to add a little fitness to your reset activity, walk. Often the best city gems are discovered through the simple act of wandering and getting lost. Try it. Walking is the new Uber. If you’re lucky, your hotel might even have bikes for you to use and explore the area on two wheels.


A Novel Idea

Ever been to New York City in the dead of winter? You probably won’t be too tempted to explore Central Park’s natural wonders unless your idea of a good time is urban snowshoeing…hey, sounds kinda fun. However, if you’re thinking a cup of tea and a good book seems like a more relaxing way to unwind then you might be a shoe in (see what we did there) for another great site:

This little gem will help you locate independent bookstores in your area. Yep, just like the one in NeverEnding Story. Perfect location for an afternoon of reading poetry and sipping chamomile tea…which incidentally helps you sleep better, soothes digestive issues and reduces menstrual pains.

Enjoy your travels and take good care of your gorgeous selves. The better you feel, the more efficient you are in all areas of your life. Go get em boss ladies!

Beauty Coach Team

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