Underrated Moments

Life is about appreciating all experiences, no matter how big or small. Although, sometimes we get so busy that we neglect the beauty of the simple things and forget to fall in love with them. And isn’t that what life is about? Falling in love with not just people or things or even ideas, but falling in love with moments too. Here at Beauty Coach, we understand that life gets a little too busy, so we start to look past these underrated moments, so we want to remind you of some of them. Here’s a look at a few of the small beauties that we overlook:

1. Driving down an empty road
2. Gazing at the stars on a clear night
3. Opening a new book
4. Rereading an old book
5. Hearing an old song that you love
6. Getting warm on a cold day
7. Listening to the rain
8. Staying in pajamas on a rainy day
9. Driving down a lit up block during Christmas time
10. Staying up till 4am with people you love
11. Laughing with people you love
12. Collectively clapping with the audience in a movie theater
13. Singing along to a song with everyone in the car
14. Stepping into fresh snow
15. Singing with the crowd at a concert
16. Spending time by yourself, for yourself
17. Flipping over a pillow so that you can get the cold side
18. Stepping on a crunchy leaf
19. Getting into bed clean, with freshly washed sheets
20. Getting into bed after a long day
21. Taking off your shoes after a long day
22. Playing with animals
23. Eating a homemade meal
24. Sneezing after it ‘went away’
25. Taking a breath of fresh air
26. Finishing all your obligations for the day
27. Sitting down and binge watching a TV show for a whole day
28. Forgetting responsibilities
29. Playing with someone’s hair
30. Standing in front of a fan or turning on the ac on a hot day
31. Opening a can of soda
32. Looking through an old photo album
33. Finding something you didn’t even remember you lost
34. Scratching an itch
35. Waking up from a car ride and figuring out where you are
36. Figuring out that forgotten train of thought
37. Laying in hot, fresh laundry
38. Getting your crush’s phone number
39. Waking up in the morning
40. Finding random money in random places
41. Unbottoning your pants when you get home
42. Sitting on the ground next to a fireplace
43. Gathering around a campfire
44. Smelling laundry
45. Taking a walk
46. Applying chap stick to chapped lips
47. Drinking water after a run
48. Daydreaming
49. Buying things with your first paycheck
50. Being surrounded by people you love, and who love you

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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