Wake Up and Dance

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We’ve come to notice that some of the most creative, fun, lighthearted souls we know have a routine in common. They wake up and dance. Not in a class or any sort of formal setting…but in their pajamas, in their living room, often with a cup of tea or coffee in hand.

There is something just silly enough about this practice that puts a smile on your face no matter the side of bed you wake up on. Something just energizing enough about it that gives you some pep in your step even when your caffeinated beverage of choice is as weak as your resolve to get out of bed and start your day.

Not only is it fun, but science is touting dancing as a way to beat the clock! Neuroscientists have found that the hips don’t lie when it comes to slowing down the aging process. According to a study in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Journal physical activity helps to put the brakes on the brain’s natural aging process, and guess what type of activity comes out on top as the most effective means to turn back time…yep, dancing. And the more you change it up, the better it is!

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The music choice is up to you, and for the purpose of anti-aging, variety is key. Is it an anthem that perfectly describes your life right now? A beat that speaks to you? Lyrics that feel like someone put music to your thoughts? Whatever it is it’s a practice that is for you. Just you. It’s lighter weight than meditation and easier than a yoga class. It requires nothing short of five minutes of your time and a booty shake or two.

Some of us have been known to take this practice to the next level and make a morning dance playlist, but you can work your way up to this stratum of intensity. When you really hit your stride you can add in whatever makes you feel golden when that alarm goes off. Face mask? Hair mask? Oil Pulling. Do it all!

What we’ve also found is that after a little morning boogie our meditation practice feels a lot more on point. To sit in silence with yourself after a bit of movement feels like a perfect counter balance. The yin and yang of morning routines. Plus it’s a good little shake up…literally and figuratively…of your average, ordinary morning…makes you feel original.

Do you remember the scene in Garden State where Natalie Portman’s character describes what she does when she feels completely unoriginal? Let us refresh your memory:

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“I make a noise or I do something that no one has ever done before and then I can feel unique again if only for a second.” So, in a safe space of no judgement, we do just that. A little something weird and funny that makes us feel happily authentic in a world of seven and a half billion people.

Be you like only you can be.

Beauty Coach Team

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