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Do it ALL with Schwarzkopf’s tbh!

Color with Nikki Lee

Get ready for an extra special episode of BCTV! This week, our very own Nikki Lee is going using Schwarzkopf’s tbh color line to do ALL the things to revive none other than…Riawna Capri! Ri’s hair was in need of a refresh for sure, and we knew that this was the perfect time to show you how you can use Schwarzkopf’s tbh line to fully revitalize your client’s hair! Nikki will be using a demi-permanent tbh combination to soften up Riawna’s grey’s before throwing in a handful of highlights.

There’s No Gray Area with Schwarzkopf’s tbh!

Color with Riawna Capri

Riawna Capri is here to show you her favorite way to cover up those stubborn gray hairs with Schwarzkopf Professional’s newest color line tbh – true beautiful honest! We are absolutely loving how versatile tbh is. Not only is Riawna going to show you how the same tube of tbh can not only cover the most stubborn gray, but also can be used to create a demi-permanent color for a beautiful color refresh. When someone comes in for gray coverage, there’s always more to the story and tbh has that covered.

Get REDdy with Schwarzkopf’s IGORA VIBRANCE!

Color with Nikki Lee

Nikki Lee is here to show you how to create the ultimate multidimensional red with none other than the magic of Schwarzkopf Professional! No one does red quite like they do, which is why we’re so beyond excited to share this episode with you. Nikki is going to start out by rooting her client’s base with Schwarzkopf Professional’s IGORA VIBRANCE before she adds some dimension with a little dash of their BLONDME Premium Lightener 9+ and finishing off the look with a beautiful gloss.

From Grey to Heyyyy! Schwarzkopf’s IGORA COLOR10

Color with Riawna Capri

Our very own Riawna Carpi is here with us this week and she’s going to show you her new favorite product, Schwarzkopf’s Professional IGORA COLOR10! This is the end all when it comes to stubborn grey root touchups…we’ve literally never been so excited! One quick application, 10 minutes of processing, DONE. Your client’s roots will be as good as new and they’ll be ready to take on the world!

Crystal Cashmere...In Common’s New Game Changer

In Salon Treatment with Nikki Lee

We’re here with the one and only Nikki Lee and she is going to share In Common’s newest pride and joy, Crystal Cashmere! This innovative in-salon treatment created by none other than Nikki and Riawna has been in the works for a hot minute and now it’s ready and we’re just so stoked to finally be able to share it with you! Crystal Cashmere is a super easy to use, two-step treatment that will strengthen, revitalize, and reinvent your client’s hair.