Totally Free Ways To Make Your Valentine Swoon

Valentine’s Day can quickly become one of the most expensive holidays of all year. There’s the fancy restaurant, then the flowers, and the new outfit, the present, the chocolate, the overly large stuffed bear that no one needs but you feel compelled to buy anyway. Save yourself (and your man) the money and stress this year with some of these romantic ideas that are totally free.

What better way to start off the day than with breakfast in bed. Treat your man or lady to a stack of chocolate chip pancakes with a big dollop of whip cream, of course! Go fancy or keep it simple; either way it will be appreciated. Keep the TV off and your phones away, and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Another simple but sexy way to surprise your bae, is to send a pic! We’re not talking about nudes, but rather a subtly sexy pic that will have him thinking about you all day long! Remember that sometimes less is more in these situations. Show some skin, but keep a little mystery too. Maybe pose in one of his button downs, or take a pic of your legs in bed. Make it sexy and make him want more. You could also take a pic with a polaroid and label it “for your eyes only.” The pic alone is enough, but you could also send a little message such as, “I can’t wait to see you tonight” or “thinking about you” and don’t be surprised if he comes home from work early!

Something money can’t buy is your words. Tell your guy or girl how much they mean to you or all the reasons you love them. This can be as simple as leaving post-it notes all around for him to find as he gets ready in the morning. Or it can be a heartfelt letter that will make her melt. Trust us, she won’t be missing the giant stuffed teddy bear when she’s reading a handwritten note from her man.

Feeling crafty? Make your valentine some personalized coupons. Some of our favorite ideas include: a coupon to draw a bath (with bubbles, candles, music, etc.), a coupon for a massage (shoulders, feet, whatever!), a coupon to make dinner and clean up too! Get creative and make some coupons that will totally surprise her. You can hand make these coupons with some colored paper, stickers, and markers or you can type them up on your computer. The thought goes into the coupon itself. Make it something specific that you know he will truly appreciate.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank. We hope one of these ideas is the perfect way to let your special someone know how much you love them. And keep in mind, these can all be great ways to show your love any day of the year.

Beauty Coach Team

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