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We couldn’t be more excited to bring you our latest Beauty Coach Exclusive with a woman who knows her own beauty, inside and out, and is determined to help show you how to see your own! You probably know Emmanuelle Chriqui as an accomplished actress with her numerous film roles and series regular character, Sloan from Entourage, but what you probably don’t know is how much work this woman does off screen! She has traveled all over the world gaining perspective on her life and how she can use it not only to move you on screen, but off screen as well, with the goal of changing women’s lives all over the world. Like many well known women, she understands she can use her position to speak up for those that can’t, and that’s exactly what she’s doing by working with the Raise Hope for Congo organization, that aims to end sexual violence and conflict in eastern Congo. Emmanuelle also works with I AM THAT GIRL, an incredible organization here in the US that is helping girls learn to love themselves by addressing physical, emotional, and mental well being issues faced everyday. Whether it be at home, in the community, or on social media.


Red Long Shawl Collar Blazer (Bollare) and Red Flare Pant (Bollare): SMYTHE Vintage Leather Pumps: YSL
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Our recent androgynous themed photo shoot with Emmanuelle was full of buttoned up necklines, chic slicked back hair, pantsuits and elevated crowns, which helped bring light to the fact that by muting the obvious femininity, true beauty continues to shine through. She is currently traveling back and forth from Vancouver to shoot the most unique role she has ever played, yet all she wants to do is talk to us about helping others. She lights up as we speak about her passions, and how she practices learning to love the woman she is every day. Emmanuelle showed us that no matter your gender, your age, or what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that makes you beautiful. Take notes girls, because this a woman to look up to!!


Drawstring Army Pants: Sanctuary Sleeveless Coat: Estilo Collective Combat Boots: Vintage Necklace: Stylist’s Own

What inspired you to choose this theme for the shoot?

I was talking about it with Riawna and I realized that I had always wanted to do a shoot like this, but I wanted to make sure I did it right. I wanted it to be interesting and unique, especially in people’s perception of me. I thought, its a creative photo shoot, so lets do something we’ve never done before.



Vintage Suit: Ralph Lauren Loafers: Vintage Hat: H&M

What does inner beauty mean to you?

Inner beauty is everything. I think that without it we’re very ugly. I think that inner beauty is your light, its your goodness, its how you treat other people, and how you see yourself. Its your view of the world and others from a positive point of view. Its that inner glow, and even on your worst day I think its the thing that saves you. Its the most important thing. I think that somebody who is very beautiful on the outside, but that has a fowl character, suddenly starts to look truly ugly. I mean you can meet someone who at first glance isn’t very attractive, but there’s something about them that is so magical and suddenly they are stunning to you. Its so interesting how inner beauty really is everything.


How do you practice inner beauty?

I meditate every day. I try consciously to love myself even though some days its much harder than others. I try not to be so mean to myself and focus on being grateful for everything, because on our worst days, we’re the most blessed.


Vintage Jeans: Levi 501’s Silk Stripe Blouse: H&M Vintage Sunglasses: Gucci Black Tux Blazer: L’Agence Vintage Leather Pumps: YSL

In a celebrity, social media obsessed world, what advice can you give to young girls who are trying to keep up with what society says is beautiful?

Here we go, back again to the importance of self love. To changing the conversation that young girls are having with each other, supporting each other, not bully each other, not being catty to one and other. Loving each other and celebrating our uniqueness. Celebrating how different and fabulous we all are. Not trying to be trendy or be like everybody else, but who are you authentically. I wish that when I was young, I had known to celebrate that a lot sooner. I think it would have made life a whole lot easier.


How do you give back?

I have three big causes very close to my heart and one of those is called Raise Hope for Congo, which raises awareness for women and girls that are victims of sexual violence. Congo is the most dangerous place in the world for a woman to exist. They use rape as a weapon of ware fare, so we are trying to heal a culture that has been so hurt. I’m also part of an organization here that really ties in so beautifully called I AM THAT GIRL, and we are trying to promote changing the conversation and learning to love ourselves. I am also a big environmentalist.


What do you have coming up that we should know about?

I’m about to go shoot a show for Hulu called Shut Eye in Vancouver and its probably going to be my most unique role to date.


Emmanuelle’s Inner Beauty is shining bright and we are so excited to see her new show and continue following her quest to help other women love and empower themselves. We hope you can learn something from Emmanuelle’s journey, we know we did!

Behind the scenes with Emmanuelle

Photographer: @RiawnaCapri
Art Director: @NikkiLee901
Hairstylist: @Ambahhh
Makeup Artist: @SpencerBarnesLA
Styling: @EstiloCollective
Videographer: @MorganPeszko


Collage made by: @LabyrinthofCollages
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