“…But Their Time Is Up.”

Recently a movement has taken the world by storm, and here at Beauty Coach: we’re all for it. #TimesUp is a movement that many of us probably saw men and women in Hollywood supporting. And for those of you who don’t know, Time’s Up is an initiative that aims to combat sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace. It’s “a unified call for change” against abuse, harassment, marginalization, and underrepresentation.

Now, victims are speaking out: creating solidarity between everyone who is fighting for justice and accountability. Movements and calls-for-action like #TimesUp remind us that speaking out against something that harms us, or others, is an essential part of the healing process. Although, we know it can be hard, the change it promotes is a way towards a more compassionate human connection. And with this movement continuing to shed light on something that’s been neglected, we want to take a moment to talk about empowering each other to speak up.

Speaking up and telling your story can not only help you heal, but others as well. Those that really needed to hear your story now have a chance to do just that, and find a way to relate and heal together. Often times, we feel too alone in our battles that it can cause us to disconnect from those that care for us and want to help us. Here at Beauty Coach, we want to let you know that it’s okay to feel alone sometimes, but know that you’re absolutely not!

Not only that, but speaking up can help us all come to terms with the troubles and the pain that we all go through. It helps us to not only connect, but reflect, empower, and figure out a way to get through our past. Examining and acknowledging things that trouble us, and being able to stand up to it, allow us to be a part of the human experience. Live for yourself, but remember to live for others too.

No matter what, remember that we are all beautiful, and that we need to treat one another that way: with respect, compassion, understanding and love! And make sure to never be afraid to ask for help whenever you may need it!
For more information please visit www.TimesUpNow.com

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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