Mood Foods For The Right Mindset


As we all know, Beauty Coach was founded by co-owners of Nine Zero One Salon: Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee. Their goal in creating Beauty Coach, was to make sure that beauty is celebrated, and that doesn’t mean just physical beauty, but inner beauty as well! And although the beauty industry is constantly evolving with new beauty tips, trends, and styles- one thing that always stays consistent is the beauty from within!

When it comes to inner beauty, self acceptance is key! We’ve all heard the phrase, “You can’t expect others to accept you when you haven’t even given yourself a chance.” Well that couldn’t be more true! Self acceptance begins with having the right attitude; so here at Beauty Coach, we’ve compiled a list “mood foods” that are sure to put you in the right mindset!


1. Milk: Milk is scientifically proven to improve your mood, making you happier. It regulates your bodies hormones, and also contains whey proteins, which helps to get rid of anxiety! We recommend trying Horizon Organic Milk.


2. Honey: Honey is a great source of energy! Not only is is sweet, but it also reduces inflammation in the brain. This in turn helps to prevent negative emotions, and thoughts that are linked to depression. So make sure you add some honey to your tea!


3. Pasta: Pasta is not only a tasty dinner, but it also known as comfort food! Turns out, there’s actually a lot of science behind this! Pasta contains essential amino acids that help to elevate our mood and make us happier! And we know that a happier mood means a more optimistic outlook- which can only mean that our mindset it totally in the right place when it comes to self acceptance!


4. Chocolate: Chocolate should come as no surprise here! Not only is chocolate a delicacy that we all find ourselves indulging in; but turns out, chocolate relieves pain and produces pleasure: at least, mentally! Here at beauty coach, we recommend trying some Ferrero Rocher chocolate, which also contains nuts in order to boost your mood!
All these foods are sure to put you in a happy mood and the right mindset in order to work towards self acceptance! Don’t forget: love the body that you’re in, love the look that you have, and embrace your flaws: they’re what make you beautiful! And beauty was meant to be celebrated.

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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