Exclusive: Sarah Hyland Making Her Pointe

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Instagram: @TheRealSarahHyland    Twitter: @Sarah_Hyland
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Beauty Coach recently had the honor of shooting Modern Family star Sarah Hyland in a grungy, black swan inspired ballerina themed photo shoot. The 25 year old is a New York born actress who has had roles in films such as Vampire Academy, Annie and private parts to name a few. She is best known for playing the aloof, hilarious and sassy older sister Haley on Modern Family. Though her character is full of attitude, Sarah was nothing but a pleasure to work with. This shoot couldn’t have come at a better time as she is set to play Lisa Housman in ABC’s upcoming Dirty Dancing Remake! During our shoot with Sarah we brought out her inner dancer and watched her inner beauty shine!

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Dress: Gemy Maalouf Headpiece: Jennifer Behr
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What inspired you to choose this theme for the shoot?

“Riawna and Nikki brought up the idea and because I used to be a dancer, I was so excited about this shoot. I actually had my mom send out my point shoes, along with all of my other dance gear. It’s been about 10 years since I danced but this shoot made me realize how much I miss it.”

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Bodysuit: American Apparel Skirt: Bao Tranchi
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What does inner beauty mean to you?

“To me, inner beauty means being a strong, kind, giving soul. Be compassionate, but don’t let people take advantage of you. Be forgiving, but don’t forget. Give back to the world, but don’t let anyone take too much of you.”

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Bodysuit: American Apparel Tights: Wolford
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How do you practice inner beauty?

“I try and surround myself with people who I think practice a way of life that is similar to mine or that I would like to emulate. Surrounding yourself with positive people makes all the difference.”

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In a celebrity, social media, beauty obsessed world what advice can you give young girls trying to keep up with what society says is beautiful?

“Just be healthy and happy. Every woman is different… every person is! But, the most important person in your life is you. So stay healthy, be active, get happy! Do that and I promise all the facetuned, photoshopped pictures in the world won’t get you down.”

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Dress: Gemy Maalouf Necklace: Jenny Wu
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We are so impressed with Sarah’s dancing skills and even more impressed with the beauty she possesses off the floor.

Keep an eye out for Sarah’s next move on the Premiere of ABC’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ Musical.

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Behind the scenes with Sarah
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Photographer: @RiawnaCapri
Art Direction/Hair: @NikkiLee901
Makeup Artist: @DenDoll
Wardrobe/Stylist: @Daniela_Viviana
Videographer: @MorganPeszko
Photoshoot Producer: @Dominic_P_Carbone
Assistant to Riawna Capri: @KimBow_901
Assistant to Nikki Lee: @MelissaTrujillo901
Social Team: @MorganBeau & @CarlySnook

Collage made by: @LabyrinthofCollages
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