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One of the biggest struggles of staying on top of beauty trends, is that trends tend to adjust and change at a moments notice. That’s why, here at Beauty Coach, we know how difficult it is to have to constantly buy new products in order to follow the hottest new looks. Pretty soon, you’re left with twenty different lipsticks and eye shadows that are hiding away in the dark corners of your vanity mirror. Well, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for you that not only assure that you are able to stay on top of trends, but while using products you most likely already have!


1. Eye shadow into Nail Polish:
This trick is amazing when you have some old eye shadow lying around from when you first started your makeup collection – they can simply be turned into polish for your nails! Mix some smashed up eye shadow pigments together with the clear polish until you get a nice creamy consistency (make sure it’s void of all lumps), and top it off with an amazing topcoat! For the clear nail polish, we recommend trying Wet N’ Wild’s Clear Nail Protector in 450B, and for the top coat, try using OPI’s Top Coat, for a long lasting application!


2. Blush into matte liquid lips:
It sure becomes a hassle when every beauty guru and website you love releases their new liquid lipsticks! And when that happens, we know how fast your bottle tends to run out- after all, you’re probably wearing it all the time! So instead of buying a new shade of pink, mix your blush with a salve, try C.O. Bigelow’s Rose Salve, in order to create a fresh new lip color! Afterwards, you can intensify and mattify by adding on another layer of blush powder.


3. Eye shadow into eyeliner:
Here at Beauty Coach, we think that a bold look is a beautiful look. So why not switch up your eyeliner a bit? Instead of classic black, try using a variety of different colors! And the best part is that you can use your eye shadow palette in order to create these looks! E.L.F. has an amazing two in one primer and eyeliner sealer, the Primer and Liner Sealer, that turns any eye shadow into eyeliner! You can also try adding a few eye drops for a similar result.

Hope you enjoy these beauty hacks!

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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