For your EYES only! Liner Don’ts and Do’s!


When it comes to our eyeliner, we’ve tried every hack in the book. And on the Internet. And from anywhere else that you can pick up a tip or trick! Finding the best way to create the perfect look is always a trial. And, what if it turns into a catastrophe? Never fear. We’re here to share with you how to turn our top eye makeup don’t into a do!


Black liquid or pencil liner across the lower lid. Now, this is almost ALWAYS unacceptable. Just saying! It’s harsh, unblended, and leaves an unsightly gap between the liner and your lower lashes. We understand the need for a quick eye look, but there is a better way to get there! Instead of using one product to create “definition”, we suggest using arrays of shadows to create a blended, ombre look for your eyes! And by the way, we bet that you can do this just as fast, if not faster! All you need is the right tools.


Speaking of tools, we have a new favorite shadow collection, and it’s the MAC Warm Neutral Eye Shadow Palette! You’re going to absolutely fall in love with this color collection. Okay, back to our crucial point. The best way to build a splendid liner look under the eyes is by working from medium to dark. Start by using Saddle eyeshadow with a MAC #239 brush. Apply it as a mildly thick liner, but remember to stay close to the lash line. Next, use the very tip of the brush to apply a touch of Dark Brew shadow even closer to the lashes. Finally push a little Dance in the Dark in between your lashes with a MAC #219 brush. This tool has that perfect pencil tip to really get that smokey shadow blended! NOW, if you want to go even darker, add a black pencil! Try MAC’s Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Definedly Black. It’s flawlessly dark and wears for hours and hours!


The greatest part about building your liner product by product is that you could technically stop at any time. You could use a little of the first shadow as liner, throw on some mascara, and be ready to go! If you want a little more, you can use our first and second shadow suggestions. It’s all up to you, and that’s the fun part! We can’t wait for you to try it for yourself.

Beauty Coach Team

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