Let Your Lashes Speak Volumes with Colored Mascara!


By now, you’re all well aware that we’re big fans of pops of color. A flawless, natural makeup look can be taken to the next level with a hint of hue! One of our favorite tricks? Colored mascara! No, the 80s DO NOT want their mascara back. Hear us out! This is a great way to experiment with your makeup and mix up your look. Who doesn’t want to switch it up now and again??


First things first, take advantage of your eye color! For all of you green eyed gals, try using bold green mascara! The same color as your eyes, you say? Crazy, we know, but using mascara that’s the same color as your eyes makes for a unique and beautiful look. You have to try it to believe it, and then you’ll be hooked! Our favorite bold green mascara is MAC Zoom Lash in Green is Green. If you’re in the market for something a little subtler, a forest green color will create depth and will almost act as soft eyeliner. It’s a clever way to give understated complexity to your eyes. Try Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash in Green.


Another great way to wear colored mascara is by exploring the opposite color of your eyes. You know, complimentary colors. If you have green eyes, you’ve probably used reddish eyeshadows to make your eyes stand out. So, go for deep red mascara! We’re obsessed with Yves Saint Laurent’s Luxurious Mascara in Burgundy.


What was that? Blue eyes? Give NYX Color Mascara in Blue a try. It’s a bold, electric blue that will give your eyes a courageous look. Purples look stunning as well! Try MAC Zoom Lash in Plum Reserve. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you brown eyed beauties! Our advice to you…try them all! You are free to use any color your little hearts desire. Brown eyes serve as the perfect base for any color.


Not ready to dive straight into audacious color? Navy is universally flattering, and one of our Beauty Coach secret weapons. It’s our everyday favorite! Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash in Blue is a fabulous basic that every girl can add to her makeup repertoire. You know how sometimes you want to put on a little makeup but feel like your black mascara is too harsh all by itself? Well, free yourself with a splash of navy! It’s absolutely stunning all by itself without any other eye makeup. It’s the perfect way to add a quick dash of creative glam when you’re on the go.

Okay…one more tip. If you’re still feeling like colored mascara is too crazed, use your black or brown mascara first and then coat the tips of your lashes with a color. Your lashes will speak volumes with this quick and easy technique that will give your glam a whole new look. Have fun with it!

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