Neon is the New Neutral

A pop of color is all the rage, and we’re ALL about it! When is comes to makeup, we understand how bold tones can be intimidating. The last thing we want is to run around looking like…well…let’s just say overly painted. Neon tones have been flooding the runways, and we’re here to show you a couple of ways to bring those editorial trends to your every day (and night!). Here are some tips and tricks to make neon your new neutral!

When you want to incorporate a powerful punch of color into your glam, choose one feature on your face. Let’s start with your eyes, shall we? Now you don’t have to use neon shadow all over…let’s leave that to the runway. One of the best ways to rock color is as eyeliner. We find that neon colors work especially well on the top lid. Be sure the check out Viseart’s Eyeshadow Palette Editorial Brights (#8). This collection offers a variety of different shades; don’t be afraid to have fun with them! You can literally use any of these for the technique that we’re about the share with you. Use a brush to create a liner effect on your upper eyelids. We recommend our favorite eyeliner brush from MAC Cosmetics for this…their #266 synthetic angled brush. It really grabs the product and truly does the work for you. You can wet it ever so slightly to create a more cake-like effect with the shadow. Doing this also prevents the product from falling onto your cheeks. Another thing we love about this look is that you can keep it super minimal or bump it up. Personally, we love a winged out black liner, so we’re into applying the neon tone just above the black to give it a little more drama. If you want to keep it simple, just use the neon tone of your choice and add a little mascara to finish off the look.

Neon lips are definitely happening, and we have some new faves from NYX Cosmetics that you’re going to adore! Their Macaron Lippies collection is the definitive way to express your inner neon goddess! Orange Blossom and Rose are two of our must haves. They’re incredibly bold but still have a familiar neutral quality to them as far as the color family is concerned. If you want to try something a little more unconventional (which we strongly encourage!) give Violet a try. It’s a strong, royal purple. We know…sounds totally crazy, right?? You’d be surprised! It’s quite flattering on all skin tones and makes for a stunning statement if the rest of your makeup is minimal. We recommend trying it with just a little mascara and a little concealer. One and DONE!

We can’t wait for you to make NEON your new NEUTRAL!

Beauty Coach Team

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