Skin is in with Armani!


Okay, so we’re obsessed with finding the perfect foundation. Isn’t everyone? We want that seamless match, flawless coverage, and the finest finish possible. We never want to look greasy, and we certainly don’t want to look overly matte or dull! Get ready for our must have skin savior that will have you oohing and ahhing!


Armani Luminous Silk just might be the holy grail of foundation. It’s got a radiant finish, it’s creamy and lightweight, and it holds our most important quality…it’s beautifully buildable! How many times have you used a foundation that you couldn’t layer for additional coverage? Did your face turn into pancake batter right before your eyes? We can’t even deal! Apply a thin layer of this magic makeup and then apply another where you want more coverage. Be sure to try it with the Armani Blender Brush. It creates an almost airbrushed effect! It builds flawlessly, and NEVER looks heavy.

Let’s talk about the end result, shall we? Luminous Silk has a soft, satiny finish. It’s not overly dewy and it’s not matte either. It’s got an expensive looking velvety feel. It melts into your skin, so it doesn’t sit on top looking heavy. Interestingly enough, it almost sets itself so one thing that we loved was that we found ourselves using a lot less powder! We LOVE that. Speaking of powder…pair this with none other than Armani’s Luminous Silk Compact. It’s a healthy looking powder that’s great to set the foundation if necessary and also works wonderfully by itself. It’s the ideal power powder for the girl on the go!


If you haven’t tried it yet, it time to jump on the Armani bandwagon. This foundation has certainly gotten a lot of hype since its conception. And you know what? It’s all true. We have no idea why it took us this long to try it, but we’re certainly glad that we finally did. You’ll fall in love at first sight!

Beauty Coach Team

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