So You’re Thinking About Getting Eyelash Extensions…


Lash extensions inherently seem high-maitenence. Sitting on a table for two hours, eyes taped shut, dolling out upwards of between one hundred and two hundred dollars every four to six weeks, all sound more like something someone like me (read: v high maintenance) would partake in, rather than my friends who are of more of the ‘get up and go’ variety. Surprisingly, the lash extension clientele varies widely from the most made up girls to those who prefer a more streamlined routine, partly due to the fact that they eliminate steps like mascara and eyeliner all together.

The lash extension clientele varies widely from the most made up girls to those who prefer a more streamlined routine
Luckily, one of our resident Beauty Coaches, Mae Manalo, also happens to be a lash extension expert, with clients like as Selena Gomez, Julianne Hough, and Hilary Duff, so she’s here to spill on lash taboos and the big do’s and don’ts.

Does it harm my natural lashes?
If you have a reputable professional applying them, they will not harm your natural lashes! The best way to keep your natural lashes healthy is to maintain and clean your extensions properly, since new lashes will continue to grow, while older lashes will shed on their own. Avoid picking them and stay away from oil based products! (More on that, later).

What are the products I should stay away from when I have lash extensions?
Stay away from oil based products and temporary adhesive, such as glue for strip lashes. If you absolutely have to wear mascara (which I do not recommend) never use waterproof, and do not use an eyelash curler!


Does the position I sleep in affect how long my lashes last? (IE- Sleeping on your side)
Try and stay on your back. The worst that can happen is one eye sheds more than the other and will need a refill sooner.

What are the different types of lashes and how do I know which is right for me?
There are three different types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. Size availability ranges from 6mm to 17mm. Also there are six different shapes. The best part about lash extensions is that you can customize it to the clients liking. There are different colors, such as red, purple, blue, or green, but the most commonly used is black.


How long should I wait between appointments?
Most people get fills every four to six weeks, but it depends on the client. If you wait to get a refill until after 50% of your lashes are gone, there is a possibility you may have to pay for a full set.

How do I care for my lashes?
I recommend baby shampoo, (we love Noodle & Boo Extra Gentle Shampoo ($12)). It’s gentle and helps with irritation!

Have you ever tried lash extensions? What was your experience like?

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