Bold Nails For Festival Season


With festival season fast approaching, we know how much time and effort goes into making your music weekend the BEST weekend. So here at Beauty Coach we thought we’d help out a bit by taking it back to the basics- breaking down a nail routine, that way, you have one less thing to worry about before Coachella! Read on to see a step by step list of nail essentials we’ve put together.

1. Prep: A lot of the times, this step is neglected. But it’s JUST AS important when trying to get your nails looking festive and fabulous. Start by cutting away cuticles and filing the nails (use stainless steel materials for best results). And don’t forget to buff so that you have an even surface to work with!

2. Base Coat: Be sure to apply a base! Nails are a lot like makeup, and to get the perfect finish, you have to have a blank canvas! Base coat is the underlying finish that essentially acts as a primer when it comes to nail polish. Base coat helps give the nails an even surface so that the polish can adhere to the nail easier. Also, it helps to prevent the nail polish from staining the actual nail bed. Here at Beauty Coach, we recommend using Essie’s Ridge Filling Base Coat, which will allow your favorite polishes to glide on smoother, and stay longer!

3. Nail Lacquer: Also known simply as “polish” or “varnish” is the coat of color that goes on the nail. With music festival season being one of bold choices, we recommend going with whatever color catches your eye and screams “good vibes!” But if you’re having a little trouble picking, we’re put together some options for you.


– Gold Goddess: Turn heads by going for a classic gold polish. Festivals like Coachella and Stagecoach are full of golden tones! So we recommend trying Go 4 Gold by Sally Hansen or Yves St Laurent’s La Laque Couture in the shade 78 Gold Clash


– Get Glowing! White Wonderland: Coachella, Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Beyond Wonderland…perfect for this bold neon look.


– Bold Black: We’ve all heard the phrase “Black matches everything!” And that’s no exception when it comes to nails! Going with a black polish may be safe, but it’s also super bold! Try using Union Jack Black, from Butter London!


4. Glitter: Glitter could essentially fall into the Nail Lacquer category, but for something so awesome, we decided to make it it’s own section! Glitter is completely optional, but if you choose, it can come as another layer on top of your already painted nails! We recommend trying Essie Sparkle On Top 3018 for a polish on top of a polish. But if you want to go for the loose glitter option, check out BH Cosmetic’s Glitter Collection!

5. Top Coat: Finally, time to top off your hard work and awesome art! Top coat is the layer that seals nail lacquer so that it locks in the color and keeps the polish in place! Top coat comes in two finishes: matte and shiny. For those of you looking for a good, long lasting matte option, we recommend trying Wet N Wild’s Shine Matte Nail Color, or OPI’s Matte Top Coat! And for those looking for a shine finish, try using any top coat from OPI or Butter London for stellar results!

Beauty Coach Team

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