How To Easily Remove Glitter Nail Varnish


Did you know there are few easy steps you can introduce to your nail routine to help remove stubborn glitter nail varnishes? Below is a step by step guide including pre-nail varnish painting preparation.

Prep Before You Paint:

1. Buff your nails until they’re shiny
The glitter fragments in glitter nail varnish are sealed into the varnish by a glue-like formula. This prevents the glitter from flaking away as you wear it. Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult to remove from the nail. By buffing your nail and creating a shiny base, it’s harder for the polish to adhere to your nail.

2. Embrace your nails’ natural oils
Rather than dehydrate your nails by removing cuticle oil with acetone as you would normally, give your nails a cursory once over with a paper towel. By leaving a bit of the oily residue, the glitter won’t be able to bond so well.

3. Apply TWO base coats
Two base coats will make the removal a bit easier because it creates more space between your bare nail and the nail varnish.

Removal steps:

4. Treat glitter nail varnish like it’s gel
Buff your nails before applying nail polish remover. A light buff will rough up the polish and remove the first layer making the final removal easier.

5. Get the tin foil out
Again, this is the same process as when you remove gel nail varnish. Soak cotton ball pieces into acetone nail varnish remover, place them onto your nails and then wrap them with tin foil. After five minutes, pull the cotton ball off and the glitter should be gone for the most part.


That’s it! Five easy steps to ensure you find those pesky bit of glitter stuck to your nails for days after you removed it.

Beauty Coach Team

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