Is that vegan nail polish you’re wearing?


If you’re like us, you may have seen the words “vegan nail polish” pop up when looking at different brands and thought “what makes that nail polish vegan?” Good question! You’d be forgiven for assuming that all nail polishes are vegan. In fact, a lot of nail polish companies test on animals and use animal ingredients.

Today, we’re sharing our tips on how to figure out whether a nail polish is vegan.


– First things first, if it’s not obvious whether a company tests on animals, do some research. It’s so easy to google brands nowadays.

– Next, check the ingredients. Just like how you check the ingredients of the food you’re going to put in your body at the grocery store, check what you’re putting on your body.

– A lot of shimmery and metallic shades aren’t vegan. These colors tend to contain fish scales mixed with solvents to achieve their shimmer effect. Look out for the words “pearl essence” or “guanine.”

– Unfortunately, a lot of the siren red shades we so dearly love contain carmine, which is made by crushing and boiling beetles.

– Another animal ingredient to look for is Oleic acid, which is used to improve the nail polishes’ thickness. Oleic acid is derived from animal oils and tallow.

– When in doubt, why not drop the nail polish company an email? Even if you’re just asking about one particular shade, most companies are more than happy to help and answer questions. We’ve certainly emailed a few!

Currently, we’ve found vegan options from…

1. RGB


2. Wet’n’Wild


3. LVX


4. Ella & Mila


5. Zoya


6. SpaRitual




and we know there are many more companies out there.

What about you guys – any recommendations?


Beauty Coach Team

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