Learn To Love Your Cuticles!


Did you know that cuticles are actually good for you? We know that you’re probably cutting off your cuticles because a lot of people think that it’s more cosmetically appealing. However, cutting them too often can actually lead to infections and damage down the road. Your nail’s cuticle is important because it serves as protection against the environment and infections, so when it is removed, you’re essentially left vulnerable. Furthermore, removing your cuticles can cause them to become hard and breakable. So here at Beauty Coach, we’re here to tell you how to take care of your cuticles, to make sure that they’re strong and healthy.

The first step in making sure that the cuticles area healthy, is to make sure you’re preventing it from further damage. We love products like Jurlique’s Nail and Cuticle Treatment, which softens dry and cracked nails and cuticles. It prevents roughness, damage, splitting, and breakage.


Next, make sure to moisturize! Moisturizing prevents dryness that can eventually lead to unhealthy cuticles. Having unhealthy cuticles means that your hands may be more susceptible to infections. Use products like Yes To Coconut Protecting Hand Cuticle Cream, which is formulated with coconut oil to help smooth and restore dry, cracked, and chapped skin.

Also be sure to try Kiehl’s Lavender Deluxe Hand Lotion which is lightweight and infused with Aloe and Oatmeal: making sure that your hand stays nourished for long amounts of time.


Now, we know how cuticles can get in the way of painting our nails and other cosmetic enhancements. So a simple solution that doesn’t require you to constantly get rid of them is to use a cuticle pusher. ASOS has an Elegant Touch Expert Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner, which allows you to push back the cuticles and get them out of the way—without having to cut them.

Finally, if you have to cut your cuticles because they’ve become too long for at home treatments: be sure to go to a professional salon. Going to a professional is extremely recommended as they will know exactly what your cuticles need. Not only that, but a professional salon is sure to sterilize their tools after each use (some even throw them out); therefore, that reduces risks of infections and fungus.

Be sure to let us know how you take care of your cuticles!

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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