Nails that are worthy of BC’s Coachella-Loving Tribe

In its infancy, Coachella was raw and free-spirited – and though the festival has grown to include VIP tents and flower crowns valued at $1,495 – it still clings to its music loving roots. Because at its core, Coachella celebrates far more than just the musicians that grace the stage: It celebrates (being) a tribe.

And in that spirit, as the famed weekend rapidly approaches, social media is showcasing a new kind of homage. Desert-themed nails are splashing the pages of photo-sharing accounts, everywhere. And we here at Beauty Coach are loving the gestures simplicity, because it seems to pay respects to what Coachella originally stood for – and that’s unity.

Here, we’re sharing our absolute favorites. Plus, we’re giving you some simple tips and tricks for recreating festival worthy tips – either at-home, or at your favorite salon.

Ultra-feminine – with a twist. This flirty, poppy-pink manicure is everything. Achieve it at home by applying Nails Inc. in Candy Pink to the pinky, pointer and thumb fingers. Next, apply Burberry Beauty Nail Polish in Gold Glitter No. 451 to the ring fingers. Finish by applying Essie Nail Polish in Blanc to middle fingers. If you’ve chosen an at-home application, consider adding a desert-themed a nail sticker to your middle fingers.

If you’ve opted for a professional application, request hand-painted cacti on the fingers that you’ve painted white.

This manicure is sunset-inspired – and oh-so enviable. And while chrome-colored nails are traditionally found in salon-applied gel formulas, we here at Beauty Coach have discovered an easily replicable hack that we think you’ll love. Sally Hansen Salon Chrome in Rose Gold is the first DIY chrome kit – and though it requires a multi-step process – you can accomplish it while you sip on your favorite cocktail.

Perfect for the aspiring artists and minimalists, this simple manicure is sure to impress. To achieve it, begin by applying a soft grey, such as Essie Without a Stitch. Next, reach for a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Green, and sketch a simple potted cactus. If art isn’t your forte, opt for easy dessert grasses, instead.

Though re-creating this modern manicure might prove difficult, you can use it as a springboard for an at-home replica. Start with a creamy, off-white hue, such as JINSOON Chillin’ Nail Polish, which is quick-drying and chip resistant. Next, reach for black graphic nail stickers (preferably death-valley themed).

Though Coachella isn’t what it once was, you can still embrace the wild and carefree spirit that the festival is known for. So grab yofavorite shellac – and get painting.

Beauty Coach Team

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