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Summer is definitely the perfect time of year to go natural, and we don’t just mean with your makeup. Your nails can do it too! We know that It can be such a hassle to find an outfit to match our expensive manicures… so why not ditch the color all together? What a better way to express YOU than leaving your nails just as they are? So for those of you looking to switch up your style a bit to showcase that bold and beautiful you: keep reading!

Now, going natural doesn’t mean you have to skip those salon dates. Keeping your nails simple and clean can sometimes be just as hard as getting a full on makeover. Here at Beauty Coach, we have the ultimate guide for those who want to rock this simple and clean look this season (or any season really).

Keeping your nails clean and au naturel may sound easy, but without the right tools, this may be virtually impossible! First we have to start off with the cuticles. We recommend trying a Cuticle Nipper and Cuticle Pusher in order to cut off overgrowing cuticles. Now, be careful to leave a bit because they actually protect your nails from bacteria!


If your nails are particularly long, try using a nail clipper to shorten them down. Then, a nail file is a MUST! Brands like Tweezerman deliver great products when grooming is involved. So grab their Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Kit and give it a try! It’s also important to note that when trying to achieve a natural look, it’s a good idea to follow your nail’s natural shape when filing and cutting. For example, if the nail naturally curves try shapes like oval or ‘squoval’ nails. Keeping it just above the finger tips is another way to achieve the simple and clean look.

Moreover, a step that is often skipped is buffing the nails. This step allows the nails to obtain an even texture so that it has a smooth shine to it. Here at Beauty Coach, we suggest trying a 4 Way Shiny Block, which has four steps that allow the nails to be prepped and polished in order to get a shine affect usually only achievable through nail lacquer. However, for those who prefer the protecting properties of clear polish, try using Orly’s Clear Nail Lacquer or Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish to finish your nails off and give it an au naturel look!

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