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Beauty isn’t just about looking good; it should make a statement. And that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you about! Here at Beauty Coach, we know that a lot of the times, we use beauty to represent or raise awareness for something that we care about. Art is a way to express yourself and show what matters to you, and nail art shouldn’t be any different. One of the best ways to stand in solidarity and spread your inner beauty is by interchanging your nail polish! Keep reading as we give you some ways to showcase things that matter to you!

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1. Purple nails for Domestic Abuse
One of the best colors that compliments any skin tone is a deep purple. In the past, purple has been used to raise awareness about Alzheimer. This year, purple is used in order to stand together against domestic violence, wearing shades like Zoya’s Nail Polish in Mira or Essie’s Nail Color in Sexy Divide to speak out against this continually growing problem. Join celebs like Carrie Underwood and Kyra Sedgwick to support the ending of domestic violence!

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2. Pink nails for Breast Cancer
One in every eight women have breast cancer. Breast cancer is a lifetime risk that affects women as they continue to age. It’s a disease that many women are affected by, or know someone who is affected by it. That being said, the month of October is the perfect time to start wearing OPI’s Nail Lacquer in I Think Pink. This is a great way to shine your inner beauty and show other women who are going through this battle that you support them!

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3. Words for Awareness
The easiest way to get your message across is to spell it out! Here at Beauty Coach, we recommend using Newest Trent Nail Art Pens in order to precisely draw on what you love. Now only do words let you raise awareness to the causes that you care about, it is a way to express yourself too! Writing things like “love,” “equality,” and “hope” on your nails shows your compassion!

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