Say Goodbye To Chips And Cracks


For most of us, the summer season is the time of year when we really begin to notice our hands. With the temperatures heating up and the abundance of outdoor activities, our hands can really take a beating. Worst of all, this can really put a damper on our mood when our nail polish chips! So here at Beauty Coach, we’re here to tell you about gel- that is: gel polish.

Basic nail lacquer lasts about five days… tops! And even then, the color will begin to dull and the edges start to crack. With gel polish, that no longer becomes a problem. Not only will your nails last long, they’ll look like you just stepped out of the salon… three weeks in!


Gel nail polish is a recent addition to the industry, really picking up in popularity in the past few years. Gel polish comes in a soft and hard option, (the hard acting as an “in between” regular polish and acrylics). The lifespan of a gel polish definitely makes it an amazing deal! Gel polish on average lasts up to three weeks (sometimes more) without any chipping, cracking, or peeling! Also, it leaves a glossier finish than that of a regular top coat. And it dries twice as fast! The best part? They’re just as simple as regular polish to take off!
So why not invest and head over to your favorite nail salon right now and experience the beauty of gel for yourself?

Beauty Coach Team

Julie Vu


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